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Solidarity with Israeli conscientious objectors in AthensSolidarity with Israeli conscientious objectors in Athens

The Right to Refuse to Kill programme:

  • Supports conscientious objectors (COs), especially those facing repression. This includes attending trials, visiting COs in prison, lobbying governments to hear their demands, and mobilising advocacy support.
  • Monitors and documents military service and recruitment around the world, especially human rights abuses. We present analysis to international bodies, such as United Nations committees, to support refusers against their own governments.

At the moment, we are preparing an online resource to make sure Ukrainian, Russian and Lithuanian refusers have the information they need to resist the draft; working with new concsientious objectors in Thailand; and updating our World survey of conscription and conscientious objection to military service - the only non-governmental source of information on conscription and conscientious objection around the world.

Donate to the work of WRI's Right to Refuse to Kill programme.

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