War Resisters at the 2007 WSF in Nairobi

Everything is ready for the 2007 World Social Forum in Nairobi that starts the 20th of January. War Resisters' International  will be present there  with a delegation and a number of events. With the aim of promoting and making more visible antimilitarism and nonviolence at this movement of movements event. And also to strengthen our connections with groups in Africa.

WRI will have events every day of the WSF, and  we will  be sending regular reports from Nairobi  through this  wri-info email-list. Also check the WRI website for regular news from Nairobi.

To learn more about the 2007 WSF go to the WSF website: http://wsf2007.org/

Following is the final timetable of WRI's events at the 2007 WSF

War Resisters' International's activities for the World Social Forum in Kenya

21 January

African Perspectives on Nonviolence

Seminar, 11.30—14.00, room 9 IN – Upper
Speakers: Dennis Brutus, Ela Gandhi, Netsai Mushonga
The seminar is aimed at raising the profile of nonviolence in Africa, and to connect African and international nonviolent activists.

Networking Against War Profiteers

Workshop, 17.30—20.00, room D1
Facilitator: Javier Garate
A workshop for people who are campaigning (or interested in campaigning) against war profiteers. The aim of the workshop is to strengthen international networking.

Globalising Nonviolence

Workshop, 8.30—11.00, room 18-1-1 (ground floor)
Facilitator: Stellan Vinthagen
A workshop aimed at networking among anti-globalisation and peace activists

22 January

Against All Militarism

Seminar, 11.30—14.00, room Chris Hani – 1
Speakers: Clare Bayard, USA, Michal Stoler, Israel, Tobias Pflüger, Germany, Rafael Uzcategui, Venezuela
The aim of the seminar is to present an antimilitarist critique, and to highlight the importance of an antimilitarist perspective within social movements in general, and the World Social Forum process in particular.

Nonviolence Training

Workshop, 14.30—17.00, room G-21
Facilitators: Javier Garate, Andreas Speck
A brief practical introduction to nonviolence and nonviolent action

23 January

Eritrea: Human Rights and Antimilitarism

Seminar, 14.30—17.00, room 10 IN – Lower
Speakers: Nunu Kidane, Theodros Azbaha, Andreas Speck
The seminar aims to highlight the situation regarding human rights within Eritrea, especially also regarding the situation of youth (male and female) who face conscription and a potentially unlimited military service.

Conscientious Objection

Workshop, 8.30—11.00, room D-2
Speakers: Andreas Speck, Britain, Michal Stoler, Israel
A workshop on conscientious objection to military service, its relevance, and the situation in different countries.

Venezuela from a Human Rights Perspective

Workshop, 17.30—20.00, room 18-1-10 (ground floor)
Facilitator: Rafael Uzcategui, Venezuela
Workshop on the situation in Venezuela