The first annual Howard Clark Dialogue, Zagreb

Start date: 
4 Jun 2014

Howard ClarkHoward Clark

Wednesday, 4 June 2014, at 10.00am in the Human Rights House, Selska cesta 112c, Zagreb, Croatia.


Christine Schweitzer, Der Bund für Soziale Verteidigung / War Resisters International

Pete Haemmerle, Versöhnungsbund / International Fellowship of Reconciliation

Ela Naranđa, Mitre Georgiev, Centre for Peace Studies

Vesna Teršelič, Documenta

At a time when Europe is increasingly inclining towards exclusivity, which was demonstrated by the recent elections, it is especially important to think about international solidarity. The dialogue will be addressed by peace activists. Christine Schweitzer and Pete Haemmerle have been collaborating with peace initiatives in Croatia and other post-Yugoslav countries since 1991. For many years they supported the Balkan Peace Team. Vesna Teršelič and Ela Naranđa with their colleagues strive to affirm non-violence, human rights, tolerance and respect through confidence-building.

The dialogue is dedicated to the memory of Howard Clark and is the first in a series of dialogues. As a researcher and activist, he participated in numerous activities conducted by the organizations affiliated with the War Resisters International and wrote about them. Howard suddenly died in November 2013. We remember his words: "We really have to listen to each other, because we are people from different countries and different cultures and there's awful lot we do not understand about each other. And the basis of solidarity has to be really listening and hearing what the other person is saying, not what we hope they are saying. "

The dialogue will be in English and is organized by Documenta - Centre for Dealing with the Past and the War Resisters International.

You are cordially invited to our premises. You will also be able to follow the dialogue live on the Internet and the recording will be subsequently available on the website of Documenta