15 Months of Military Service or 3 Years of Torture!

Conscientious objector Aydemir was relaeased upon an "incapability report". His lawyer criticized that the legislation lacks provisions on conscientious objection. Turkey is one of three countries of the European Council that does not recognize the right to conscientious objection.

Istanbul - BİA News Center
11 June 2010, Friday

Conscientious objector Enver Aydemir was eventually discharged from military service upon an "incapability report" issued by a military hospital after three years of torture, repression and punishments. Aydemir refused to serve in the military for religious reasons.

Aydemir commented that it was not him who was incapable but the legal system not recognizing the right to conscientious objection.

He was released from the Eskişehir Military Prison (north-western Anatolia) on 9 June. Subsequently, Aydemir held a press conference at the Human Rights Foundation (İHD) Istanbul Branch.

In 2007, Aydemir had declared not to do his military service due to conscientious objection. Initially, the military branch sent him away. Later on, Aydemir was detained for being a "deserter" and released after three months in detention.

Aydemir came to Istanbul in December 2009 to deliver a speech at the Convention of the Platform of Conscientious Objection for Peace. He was arrested in the course of an identity check and taken to his unit after another three months in detention. After he had refused to wear a uniform, charges of disobeying orders were pressed against him and he was kept in prison for another month.