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War Stops Here: support international resistance at the London arms fair

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In September 2017, thousands of arms dealers will descend on London to market their wares to militaries from across the globe. Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) - is one of the biggest arms fairs in the world, and it takes place in east London every two years, exporting death and destruction around the world.

We are the international resistance to DSEI, and we need your help.

La réunion du Comité de l'IRG, London

Date de début: 
11 Sep 2017 - 12 Sep 2017

Previous actions against DSEIPrevious actions against DSEILa réunion du Comité de l'IRG de cette année aura lieu à Londres en septembre, ce qui coïncide avec le salon DSEI – Salon International de l’Equipement de Défense et de Sécurité – le plus grand salon au monde de l'équipement de défense. Nous prendrons part à des activités avant et après le Comité afin de perturber la foire. Le programme de nos activités pour ces événements est comme suit :

  • vendredi 8 septembre : arrivée et préparations.
  • samedi 9 septembre : participation à la grande journée d'action avec CAT -Campagne contre le Commerce des Armes.
  • dimanche 10 septembre : activité publique contre la militarisation internationale et le commerce des armes
  • lundi 11 et mardi 12 septembre: réunion du Comité

War Profiteers News: June 2016

War Profiteers News is a bi-monthly round up of news and activism against war profiteering. The June edition featured nonviolent activism from around the world against the arms trade, exploitation of natural resources, and profiting from occupied territories. You can read the articles here: and sign up to recieve the email newsletter in your inbox here:

#WarStartsHere: opposing the Paris arms fair

This week the Eurosatory arms fair is taking place in Paris. The 'Defence and Security' fair, one of the largest in the world, takes place every two years. For many years, opposition to Eurosatory took the form of one woman, Yvonna Kressman, faithfully standing outside on her own, over decades. Gradually the word has spread, and this year campaigners from Germany, England, Belgium and the Netherlands joined French antimilitarists and others to make sure it wasn't “business as usual” for the arms trade.

Campaign of the Month: Stop Blood Coal

The 'Stop Blood Coal' campaign is run by PAX in the Netherlands, targetting the Drummond and Prodeco (the Colombian subsidiary of Switzerland-based Glencore) mining companies. The campaign aims to expose and challenge the links between paramilitary violence and coal mining in Colombia, support communities in their search for truth and reconciliation, and pressure European energy companies to take action against their suppliers accused of human rights abuses.

Disrupt the Paris arms fair!

Pacifists in Europe will be travelling to Paris in June to protest the Eurosatory arms fair. Some will travel as part of a pilgrimage from Germany, via Strasbourg and arms factories. There will be actions on train stations as delegates arrive, vigils, and a demonstration on Tuesday 14th June at 6.30pm at Les Invalides. Follow @noneurosatory on twitter and sign their petition online. Also this week in Wales, activists have been disrupting the Defence Procurement, Research, Technology and Exportability Fair in Cardiff. The event was previously held in nearby Bristol, but had to be moved because of protests here. Find photos here.

Read more, or write to for more info...

Réflexions à partir "Stopping the War Business"

À la fin du séminaire international « Mettons fin au commerce de la guerre », trois participants ont tenu à partager leurs réflexions sur la rencontre. Voici ce qu’ils ont à raconter.

Tuuli Vuori

Tuuli en train de prendre des mesures contre les salons d’armement ADEXTuuli en train de prendre des mesures contre les salons d’armement ADEXIl est bon d’être en Corée du Sud, car je viens d’un pays qui maintient toujours la conscription, et j’ai passé la moitié de ma vie à travailler sur les questions liées à l’objection de conscience, et c’est l’une des raisons pourquoi il est si extraordinaire pour moi d’être à Séoul ; j’ai tellement entendu parler des campagnes que nos amis sud-coréens ont menées ici.

Le domaine des profiteurs de la guerre n’étant pas mon fort, j’ai beaucoup appris lors de ce séminaire. Merci pour les conférenciers et les ateliers très intéressants!

Lors de ce séminaire, nous avons discuté des conséquences de ces profiteurs sur les individus. Nous avons également discuté des structures vastes et sombres des profiteurs. Ces structures me font parfois me sentir insignifiante.

Mercenaries unleashed: private military and security companies

The rise in mercenaries fighting on the front line in conflict zones in Africa and the Middle East is a frightening return of the ‘Dogs of War’, according to a new report published by War on Want.

War profiteer of the month: Tahoe Resources

Tahoe Resources is a Canadian mining company. In mid-2010, Tahoe acquired the Escobal mine in southeast Guatemala from Goldcorp; Escobal is a 'high grade silver' mine, and also contains gold, lead and zinc. Some analysts believe it to be one of the biggest silver mines in the world. The Escobal mine is approximately 40km southeast of Guatemala City, and 3km from San Rafael los Flores.

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