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Support Israeli conscientious objectors

ISRAEL: Refusers Tamar Ze'evi, Tamar Alon and Jalaa Zaher released, Atalia Ben-Abba imprisoned again

Atalia Ben-AbbaAtalia Ben-AbbaIsraeli conscientious objectors Tamar Alon and Tamar Ze'evi, who declared their refusal to serve in the IDF and take part in the occupation on 16th November 2016, were freed after each spending more than 100 days behind bars.

Mise à jour : les objecteurs de conscience Israëliens

Atalia Ben-Abba is an imprisoned Israeli conscientious objectorAtalia Ben-Abba is an imprisoned Israeli conscientious objectorAprès 115 jours d'emprisonnement, l'objecteur de conscience Israëlienne Tamar Ze'evi a obtenu la resonnaissance de son objection au service militaire , et a reçu le statut d'OC pour raison de refus politique. Cependant, les objecteurs de conscience  Atalia Ben-Abba et Tamar Alon ont été de nouveau emprisonnés pour avoir refusé de prendre part à l'occupation et de servir dans l'armée israëlienne IDF. C'est la second fois qu’Atalia a été emprisonné, et la sixième fois  pour Tamar, et tous deux passeront 30 jours de plus derrière des barreaux. Cliquez ici pour envoyer un courriel de protestation aux autorités Israëliennes.

En plus de notre alerte par e-mail, vous pouvez aussi envoyer vos messages de solidarité à Atalia et Tamar. Cliquez sur ce lien pour leur écrire et vos messages seront transmis.

Journée internationale d'action en solidarité avec les objecteurs Israéliens en prison #refuse2occupy


Tamar Alon, Atalya Ben Abba et Tamar Ze'evi risquent un emprisonnement répété pour avoir refusé de servir l’occupation Israélienne. Le 1er décembre , Mesarvot, un réseau de soutien aux objecteurs de conscience et aux résistants politiques, a annoncé une journée d’action pour les soutenir.

Devant les bureaux de la compagnie de fabricants d'armes Lockheed Martin, à LondresDevant les bureaux de la compagnie de fabricants d'armes Lockheed Martin, à Londres

Des rassemblements ont eu lieu devant des bâtiments de fabricants d'armes et d'autres endroits pour demander aux gouvernements de stopper la fourniture d'armements à l'occupation Israélienne plutôt que d'en retirer des bénéfices. La journée d'action a attiré l'atention sur le fait que, tandis que des jeunes en Israël refusent de servir l'occupation, nous devons refuser d'en retirer des bénéfices. Parce que, aussi longtemps que l'Europe fera des affaires avec les fabricants d'armes israéliens , l'occupation continuera. Aussi longtemps que les USA continueront de fournir des armements à Israël et d'acheter leurs armements, des jeunes Israéliens continueront à être emprisonnés pour leur refus d'utiliser ces armes contre des civils .

Thursday is Prisoners for peace day: support those who refuse to occupy

1st December is Prisoners for Peace Day: a chance to show solidarity with those imprisoned or their work for peace. Use this list to contact those currently in jail.

During November and December, Tamar Alon, Atalya Ben Abba and Tamar Ze'evi will refuse to conscript and serve the Israeli military occupation of Palestine. So this Prisoners for Peace Day we are also organising an international day of action with Mesarvot (a network of Israeli organisations, groups and individuals who support political conscientious objectors) when we declare: THEY REFUSE to serve the occupation, WE refuse to profit from it. Vigils will take place outside arms manufacturing facilities and other locations calling on governments to stop arming the Israeli occupation rather than profiting from it. Could you arrange an action near you? Contact, and share the Facebook event.


Please support WRI's unique work

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil: Activists in Israel dress as soldiers to take part in a protest, in solidarity with imprisoned conscientious objectorsHear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil: Activists in Israel dress as soldiers to take part in a protest, in solidarity with imprisoned conscientious objectorsDear friends,

My name is Taya, and I am writing from the Israeli organisation Mesarvot. We support conscientious objectors who refuse to be conscripted into the Israeli military.

I am writing to ask you to support War Resisters' International, to enable this important network to continue its unique work, building solidarity among antimilitarist activists across the world. Please consider how you can support WRI financially today.

Just under a year ago, I had the opportunity to spend a wonderful three months as an intern at the WRI office. At first, as I looked at other countries and learnt of the militarism and war happening around the world, and identified the same patterns of oppression and violence I know from Israel, I was discouraged. What impact can we possibly hope to have? But this feeling was soon replaced by excitement, at the revelation that in all of these places there are people resisting, creating alternatives, countering militarism, working alongside me, even if they are thousands of kilometres away.

International solidarity for draft refusers in Israel

In Israel, one of the main roles of the military is to maintain the occupation and military rule over millions of Palestinians. Both women and men are drafted, and the military is seen not only as crucial for maintaining Israel’s “security”, but also as making a wider contribution to society. Conscientious objectors in Israel defy political and social norms and “pay a price” for doing so. Sometimes this takes the form of a prison sentence - if they decide to outright refuse military service - and more often in the form of social criticism or isolation. The difficulties faced by conscientious objectors in Israel emphasise the importance of the ongoing international solidarity for us here in Mesarvot network.

Thanks to our links with WRI, real, tangible international solidarity has become possible. For conscientious objectors in Israel, and for the Mesarvot network who support them, this solidarity is significant; working with WRI means we are now connected with supporters all over the world. The WRI network has taken on our campaign as its own, by offering creative ideas, connections, and support, alongside a deeper understanding of what may work in each context. Connecting with WRI has helped us to link with other people and organisations who may be able to help.

Just a few examples of WRI’s support include:

  • mobilising international solidarity for the five imprisoned conscientious objectors we’ve supported so far,
  • coordinating a statement of support from other conscientious objectors in the eastern Mediterranean region,
  • running a social media campaign in support of those in prison,
  • organising activists to write personal letters to conscientious objectors in prison,
  • and helping us to organise an international day of action in solidarity with conscientious objectors and against companies arming and profiting from the occupation (for more information on how to take part in these actions, see the Prisoners for Peace day list here

These actions support and encourage local activists from small organisations, who rely on the support of WRI for the international solidarity we so need. We need to work together against war and militarism. We need WRI as activists, movements, and people who want a world free from war - and until we succeed in abolishing war, WRI needs our support too. Please give generously.



Taya Govreen-Segal

1er décembre 2016 : Refuser l'occupation - Journée internationale d'actions

1er décembre 2016 : Refuser l'occupation - Journée internationale d'actions

Tamar Alon, Atalya Ben Abba et Tamar Ze'evi risquent la prison car elles refusent de servir l'occupation israélienne. Soutenons-les en rejoignant la Journée internationale d'actions qui se déroulera le 1er décembre 2016. Des rassemblements se tiendront aux portes de bâtiments d'entreprises d'armement et d'autres lieux pour en appeler aux gouvernements de cesser d'armer l'occupation israélienne et cesser d'en tirer profit. Tant que le commerce entre l'Europe et l'industrie de l'armement israélienne perdurera, il en sera de même pour l'occupation. Tant que les USA continueront d'armer Israël et d'y acheter de l'armement, de jeunes israéliens et israéliennes continueront d'être emprionné.e.s pour leur refus de diriger ces armes contre des populations civiles.***ELLES REFUSENT de gazer les civil.e.s. Les États-Unis refusent-ils d’acheter à Israël des gaz lacrymogènes ?

ELLES REFUSENT de tirer sur des civil.e.s, l’Asie de l'Est refusera-t-elle d’acheter des armes à feu à Israël ?

ELLES REFUSENT de bombarder Gaza, appellerons-nous NOS PAYS à refuser le commerce des drones avec Israël ?

ELLES REFUSENT de servir l’occupation. NOUS refusons d’en tirer du profit.


Conscientious objectors freed

On 14th July, conscientious objectors Tair Kaminer and Ruslan Kotsaba – in Ukraine and Israel respectively - were released. Journalist and draft refuser Ruslan Kotsaba was freed on appeal, after initially being charged with treason. The judge found that there was no evidence to condemn him, and ordered his immediate release from custody. In Israel, refuser Tair Kaminer was exempted from the army for 'bad behaviour'. She had spent over 150 days in prison for her refusal. CO Omri Baranes is still going through the process of being repeatedly called up, imprisoned, released and called up. Sign up to support her, and other COs, here. Refusing to kill is not a crime.


#refuse2occupy: solidarity for imprisoned conscientious objectors in Israel

#refuse2occupy#refuse2occupyIn Israel, Omri Barnes and Tair Kaminer have been imprisoned again because they #refuse2occupy and refuse to serve the army. Tair, starting her 6th term of 45 days in prison said "As long as the violent military way holds sway, we will simply have further generations growing up with a heritage of hate, which will only make things even worse. We must stop this - now!". Omri, returning now to prison for the third time for a term of 30 days says "The military creates a circle of violence while claiming to defend the country. I believe that a person has a responsibility towards certain humanistic values, which lie beyond his/hers political and social framework, which is why I refuse to enlist." Their support group Mersavot is calling people around the world to support them, by posting your own picture a with a message to Tair and Omri and use the hashtag #refuse2occupy.

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