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Exploitation minière, sexes et militarisme en Afrique

Samantha Hargreaves de WoMin – alliance africaine abordant les sujets des sexes et de l’exploitation minière – parle avec Andrew Dey de WRI sur le lien entre les sexes, l’industrie minière et le militarisme en Afrique, et du travail de ce nouveau réseau pour y faire face.

Expliquez-nous votre travail – qu’est-ce que WoMin, quand cette alliance a-t-elle été formée, et qui fait partie de votre réseau? Quels sont les enjeux critiques sur lesquels vous travaillez?

Samantha: WoMin a été lancée en octobre 2013. Nous travaillons avec environ 50 organisations dans quatorze pays en Afrique du Sud, Afrique Orientale et Afrique Occidentale. La plupart de nos partenaires travaillent sur des problèmes relatifs à la terre, aux ressources naturelles, à l’industrie minière, à la justice écologique et climatique et aux droits des femmes. Notre travail avec les organisations pour les droits des femmes est généralement plus difficile puisqu’elles se focalisent davantage sur les problèmes de sexe « traditionnels » tels que la violence contre les femmes, l’éducation et la santé des femmes et des filles. Seul un faible nombre se concentre sur l’environnement, la terre et d’autres questions de justice économique.

WoMin Southern African women and coal exchange. Photo: Heidi AugestadWoMin Southern African women and coal exchange. Photo: Heidi Augestad

Book review: The Hammer Blow

“Every bomb that is dropped, every bullet that is fired, has to be made somewhere. And wherever that is, it can be resisted.”

Smash EDO

For anyone involved in anti-militarist campaigning, the Seeds of Hope action has almost mythical status. Not only as an extremely radical and inspiring action; but as an example of how a jury's verdict can be decided on moral grounds on the basis of trying to prevent a greater crime. I have been running direct action trainings for a few years and I don't think there's a single one where Seeds of Hope didn't get mentioned, and its reach extends far beyond the anti-militarist movement.

Non à l’égalité dans le militarisme

La déclaration suivante a circulé le 25 décembre2015 chez le collectif féministe TO MOV et est signée maintenant par plus de collectifs et d’organisations :

 Au moment où la revendication démocratique est l’abolition du service militaire obligatoire, le Ministre de la Défense, semble, au contraire, souhaiter l’extension de ce service aux femmes.

The Conscientious Objection Movement, Militarism & Gender in Turkey

Return to Conscientious Objection: A Practical Companion for Movements

Ferda Ulker, one of the first Turkish women to publicly declare herself a conscientious objector, writes about how gender and militarism intersect in the particular context of Turkish society, though her insights also have a broader application for any  patriarchal  and militarised society – which is to say, most if not all societies.

Against All Odds: Voices of Popular Struggle in Iraq

We're delighted to add a new publication to WRI's online book store! Against All Odds: Voices of Popular Struggle in Iraq, from Ali Issa of War Resisters League.

Collected from dozens of interviews with, and reports from, Iraqi feminists, labor organizers, environmentalists, and protest movement leaders, Against All Odds presents the unique voices of progressive Iraqi organizing on the ground. Dating back to 2003, with an emphasis on the 2011 upsurge in mobilization and hope as well as the subsequent embattled years, these voices belong to Iraqis asserting themselves as agents against multiple local, regional, and global forces of oppression.

You can find the accompanying Organizing & Study Guide here.

Buy it here:


Our CO-Update this month is a reminder that, as we work together as an international movement against war, the repercussions of resistance to militarism is often felt by individuals refusing to fight. Our Finnish friends have written of the history of the movement in Finland where resistance to conscription began, in some form, in 1901.

Women say no to NATO!

Position paper originating at the women’s workshop at the Counter Summit “No new Wars - No to NATO”

Newport, 1 September, 2014

As women of the No to War, No to NATO international action network we join in wholehearted condemnation of NATO as an aggressive, expansionist, nuclear armed military alliance. Its creation fostered decades of Cold War, its continued existence has perpetuated armed conflicts and wars, and its intention is clearly to assure long-term worldwide control by the USA and its allies in the interests of global corporate capital.

Webinar: The Patriarchal War Against Women and Others

This webinar discussed meanings of concepts including Patriarchy, Security, War, Peace, Nonviolence, Gender, Sexualities, Consciousness and Intersectionalities, and motivated for nonviolent action to ensure compassion and justice for all.

It was led by Bernedette Muthien (see bio here).

This webinar was the third in a series of webinars by and for the African Nonviolence and Peacebuilding Network. It took place on the 28 April, 2014.

This series is open to all, and leading up to the July 2014 international conference: Small Actions, Big Movements: The Continuum of Nonviolence, taking place in Cape Town.

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