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War starts here

Thank you for your support, we reached our target!

Seoul actions against the ADEX arms fairSeoul actions against the ADEX arms fairThank you!

We made it to our crowdfunding target, raising £2045 towards our campaign to make resistance to the DSEI London arms fair international. Thank you so much to the 52 people who donated (your perks will be in the post!), and the hundreds of people who supported by sharing it.

Part of this resistance is taking place on 10th September, when we'll be gathering to shine a light on the international impacts of the arms trade. Take a look at the event below, and come if you can or spread the word!

War Stops Here: public education day on the arms trade

Actions contre l'OTAN à Bruxelles

Des actions prennent place à Bruxelles une nouvelle fois cette semaine à l’approche dusommet de l’OTAN. Hier, le 23 mai. un groupe de militants pacifistes ont occupé lesbureaux de la Commission Européenne .Par leur action ils ont dénoncé les mesuresque l’Union Européenne a commencé de prendre pour initier un programme derecherche militaire qui est exécuté par l’industrie de l’armement. Ils ont installé destentes et sont restés là toute la matinée. Regardez une vidéo de l’occupation hier de laCommission Européenne en cliquant ici.

War Stops Here: support international resistance at the London arms fair

Please donate here

In September 2017, thousands of arms dealers will descend on London to market their wares to militaries from across the globe. Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) - is one of the biggest arms fairs in the world, and it takes place in east London every two years, exporting death and destruction around the world.

We are the international resistance to DSEI, and we need your help.

Réunion du Comité de l'IRG: septembre 2017

Activists - including members of WRI - celebrate being found not guilty after actions against DSEI in 2015Activists - including members of WRI - celebrate being found not guilty after actions against DSEI in 2015Le Comité de l'IRG  se réunit une fois par an, afin de discuter le futur travail du réseau.

La réunion du Comité de l'IRG, London

Date de début: 
11 Sep 2017 - 12 Sep 2017

Previous actions against DSEIPrevious actions against DSEILa réunion du Comité de l'IRG de cette année aura lieu à Londres en septembre, ce qui coïncide avec le salon DSEI – Salon International de l’Equipement de Défense et de Sécurité – le plus grand salon au monde de l'équipement de défense. Nous prendrons part à des activités avant et après le Comité afin de perturber la foire. Le programme de nos activités pour ces événements est comme suit :

  • vendredi 8 septembre : arrivée et préparations.
  • samedi 9 septembre : participation à la grande journée d'action avec CAT -Campagne contre le Commerce des Armes.
  • dimanche 10 septembre : activité publique contre la militarisation internationale et le commerce des armes
  • lundi 11 et mardi 12 septembre: réunion du Comité

WRI in 2016

As we approach the end of 2016, we're looking back on what WRI has been up to this year - we thought we would share some of the highlights,as we look towards a 2017 of radical action against war and it's causes!

Bram, Luis and Javier, outside courtBram, Luis and Javier, outside courtEarly in the year, we were excited to hear the news that several members of WRI affiliates in Europe were found "not guilty!" in a trial that exposed the criminality of the DSEi arms fair. Javier, Bram and Luis travelled from Belgium to London in September 2015 to help blockade the entrances of the huge weapons fair alongside activists from the UK. At the end of the year, we were also relieved to hear that members of Spanish group AA-MOC had their charges dropped, following an action to disrupt a NATO training event in 2015.

In April, members of the WRI network travelled to Turkey to take part in a delegation, visiting Diyarbakir and towns effected by the curfews and armed conflict that has gripped the region. The delegation inspired a petition to the EU, and a speakers tour of European cities.

Calais: Who profited from the eviction of the Jungle?

Text originally sourced from the Corporate Watch website, with some adaptations for brevity. The original article was published under a Creative Commons 3.0 license.
The eviction of the Calais "jungle" migrant camp took place in early November 2016, and saw thousands of migrants who had gathered in the port town moved across France. The camp had become one of the best-known examples of how free movement in Europe is only an option for some, and shows us how a militarised border regime functions. New research by the Calais Research Network has found over 40 companies profiting from security guards, walls and fences, border technology, deportation and detention systems, police support, and police weaponry.

a research group formed in August 2016, and has compiled an expanded list of over 40 companies profiting from the border regime. These companies have an interest in building up A Combined Systems Penn Arms PGL-65 tear gas launcher, used by the CRS police in CalaisA Combined Systems Penn Arms PGL-65 tear gas launcher, used by the CRS police in Calais‘security’ in Calais and beyond, part of a flourishing industry surrounding everything from the privatization of lorry inspections to the manufacturing of tear gas canisters, and the constantly proliferating fences and walls along the highway.

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