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Military bases

Réflexions sur le soutien aux « prisonniers de paix »

Paul Magno

États-Unis, juillet 2012, trois activistes en faveur du désarmement : Greg Boertje-Obed, Megan Rice et Michael Walli, participent à une action pacifique directe, baptisée « Transform Now Ploughshares », au Y12 National Security Complex à Oak Ridge au Tennessee. Bien que datant des débuts du projet Manhattan, pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale, Oak Ridge demeure un maillon essentiel de la capacité de production d’armes nucléaires des États-Unis. Lors de cette opération, les trois activistes traversent le terrain de la réserve fédérale pendant la nuit, franchissent quatre barrières de sécurité et bravent le HEUMF (Highly Enriched Uranium Maintenance Facility), un dépôt de 400 tonnes d’uranium enrichi en quantité suffisante pour la fabrication de 10 000 armes nucléaires. Une fois sur place, ils délimitent le secteur avec du ruban de scène de crime, déploient des bannières aux messages pacifistes et barbouillent les murs du bâtiment avec du sang humain et des messages de paix extraits de la Bible.

European Antimilitarist Network take action at Burghfield

Today we're into the third day of a blockade of the Burghfield Atomic Weapons Establishment in Berkshire, Britain.

The construction gate is hosting an impromptu pop-up peace camp! Here's Tristi from France explaining why she's travelled here - joining WRI members from Trident Ploughshares, DFG-VK (Germany), AKL (Finland) and Agir Pour La Paix (Belgium).

War profiteer of the month: Tahoe Resources

Tahoe Resources is a Canadian mining company. In mid-2010, Tahoe acquired the Escobal mine in southeast Guatemala from Goldcorp; Escobal is a 'high grade silver' mine, and also contains gold, lead and zinc. Some analysts believe it to be one of the biggest silver mines in the world. The Escobal mine is approximately 40km southeast of Guatemala City, and 3km from San Rafael los Flores.

Video: Sister Megan Rice talk in London

In 2012, Megan Rice was part of a group that entered the Oakridge National Laborotory in the United States, where nuclear weapons are developed and weapons-grade uranium is stored. The group - called 'Transform Now Plowshares' - hammered on the storage building, dawbed the walls of the storage building with blood and slogans, and hung banners. All three were arrested, and spent two years in prison. A detailed written overview of the action can be found here.

#TridentRupture: Antimilitarists obstruct in the port of Sagunto, Spain, a convoy headed to the NATO war exercise “Trident Juncture”, blocking two Leopard battle tanks

Last Friday, a group of Antimilitaristes-moc activists disrupted the organization of the departure of a military convoy from the port of Sagunto, due to be deployed in war maneuvers in the next few days by army units of more than 30 countries as part of NATO exercise “Trident Juncture 2015”

Call to Action Against the NATO exercise "Trident Juncture 2015"

The NATO exercise Trident Juncture will take place during October 2015 until 6 November, principally in Italy, Portugal, and the State of Spain. With the participation of more than 36,000 soldiers from 30 countries, the exercise will be “the Alliance’s most important exercise in 2015” and “the largest deployment of the Alliance since the Cold War and in the last decade”, according to the Spanish Ministry of Defence. More than half of this military force, 20,000 soldiers, will be deployed at eight sites in the State of Spain: the National Training Centres of San Gregorio (Zaragoza) and Chinchilla (Albacete), the Exercise and Firing Range ‘Álvarez de Sotomayor’ (Almería) and the Amphibian Training Range of the Sierra del Retín (Cádiz), and as well in the areas of the military bases of Albacete, Son San Joan (Palma de Mallorca), Torrejón and Zaragoza. Additionally, the US marines from the base of Morón de la Frontera will participate in the "mega exercise".

Resistance to NATO's Trident Juncture exercises

The “largest exercise of NATO since the end of the Cold War1, will take place in October and November in Italy, Portugal, and the State of Spain. The Trident Juncture will see over 36,000 soldiers from more than 30 countries will take part in Italy, Portugal, and the State of Spain, and more than half of them – 20,000 soldiers – will do so in the State of Spain. There are initiatives by the pacifist and antimilitarist movement of Andalucía to organise civil disobedience actions in Barbate (Amphibian Training Range of the Sierra del Retín) with the support of Alternativa Antimilitarista.MOC in the state of Spain and with the European Antimilitarist Network. Other groups are organising protests in Zaragoza (the National Training Centre of San Gregorio) and in Barcelona.


Spain as spearhead for military interventions in Africa

During the NATO exercise Trident Juncture 2015 the alliance will practice military interventions in North Africa

Marines from the US train in la Sierra del Retin, BarbateMarines from the US train in la Sierra del Retin, BarbateThe NATO exercise Trident Juncture 2015 will take place during October 2015 and until early November in Italy, Portugal, and the State of Spain. According to a variety of sources, this will be the “largest exercise of NATO since the end of the Cold War1, “largest exercise conducted by the Alliance since 2002” (…) and “the Alliance’s most important exercise in 20152, or “the largest deployment of the Alliance in the last decade3. The exercise consists of two clearly distinguished phases, a command post exercise (CPX, 3-16 October) and a phase of real action (Live Exercise, LIVEX, 21 October-6 November).

Stopping the War Business: WRI and World Without War seminar in Seoul, South Korea

In October, War Resisters' International and our South Korean affiliate World Without War will host an international seminar with a specific focus on skill sharing for taking action against war profiteering. “Stopping the War Business” will take place on 16th and 17th October, in Seoul, South Korea. The seminar will be followed by nonviolence training, and then an action to oppose the ADEX arms fair, which will be taking place the following week.

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