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Alliant Techsystems

Campaign of the Month: Don’t Bank on the Bomb

Tim Wright

Each year, the nine nuclear-armed nations spend a combined total of more than US$100 billion on their nuclear forces – assembling new warheads, modernizing old ones, and building ballistic missiles, bombers and submarines to deliver them. Much of this work is carried out by private corporations, which are financed by a vast web of financial institutions around the world.

Alliant Techsystems

ATK conducts its operations within three business groups: ATK Armament Systems, ATK Mission Systems, and ATK Space Systems.
ATK Armament Systems is the largest ammunition manufacturing entity in the world, supplying both military and commercial products, and an operator of military ammunition plants. The group has approximately 6,200 employees.


AlliantACTION is the organizer of weekly vigil and direct actions outside ATK corporate headquarters in Edina. It begun in 1996 with a small blockade in front of the main entrance. The reason for this protest action was that Alliant Tec was named by Human Rights Watch as the largest United States Producer of anti-personal landmines.
The protesters felt, that a more permanent presence was needed at Alliants front door. So the weekly vigil was born.

New Nuclear weapons & NATO

While diplomats and lobbyists are preparing for the renewal of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty and peace activists are preparing for a closure of European nuclear bases on april the 3th, the arms industry is making money of developing new nukes. These are the biggest profiteers making new NATO nukes:

For the US

  • Honeywell is one of the biggest global arms companies, although only 10% of its profits comes from arms. Honeywell produces equipment for simulated nuclear explosions. Such simulated explosion are essential to develop new nuclear weapons.

War Profiteers + Obama Administration = ???

SuperObamaSuperObamaThe verdict will be slow in coming. There are several things to be optimistic, shall we say, “hopeful,” about when it comes to confronting the corruption, fraud, waste, and deceit of war profiteers – and, not surprisingly, there are many reasons to doubt that we’ll see any real change after all. I am genuinely torn as to what to expect. If Obama follows through on his positive programs, life will be much more difficult for military contractors.

Anti-war protesters arrested at Alliant Techsystems in Anoka, USA

Police arrested eight adults and one juvenile on the 2 of July after they chained themselves together and blocked an entrance at Alliant Techsystems in Anoka, the action was done by a new group in the US against war profiteering called "Project to Stop the War Industry".

Twin Cities-based Alliant Techsystems, also known as ATK, is an aerospace and defence company with 50 facilities across the country, according to its Web site. The Anoka facility is at 900 Ehlen Drive.

FIDAE: Chilean aerospace and defence fair

From the 31 of March to the 4 of April in Santiago, Chile , there was an arms fair: FIDAE, is a fair that focuses on the aerospace defence

area. FIDAE also welcomes civilian exhibitors but essentially the fair has a military focus. This fair is one of the biggest and most important of its kind in Latin America and is a mayor event for the arms traders to make business in the region. This year's fair hosted

the 11th edition of the meeting of Logistic Commanders of the Air Forces of South America.

Action at Alliant Tech

Tuesday, July 3 - Nine legal shareholders of Alliant Techsystems stock were denied entry to the annual shareholders meeting and arrested when they refused to leave. Images and report at:


With this issue we celebrate the first year of the War Profiteers' News - an effort by War Resisters' International to provide resources for and about campaigns against war profiteering. We hope you find it a valuable resource.

One of the main sections of the newsletter is the “War Profiteer of the Month”. In this past year we have profiled:

  • a company providing services to the military - Sodexho;

Activist at Alliant Tech dismissed

On February 1st, a group of peace activists gathered in the undersized Hennepin County Courtroom in Edina, MN to once again face charges of "criminal trespass" for entering the property of Alliant Techsystems, a local war profiteer and notorious manufacturer and seller of indiscriminate and illegal weapons such as cluster bombs, depleted uranium munitions, land mines, as well as rocket motors for delivery of nuclear bombs via missiles.

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