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Colombia WG

Message to La Ruta Pacífica de Mujeres

We send you greetings on the International Day Against Violence Against Women.

We write in the name of two working groups of the War Resisters' International - the Women's Working Group and the newly-formed Colombia Working Group. As some of you know, War Resisters' International is an international anti-militarist network opposed to all war and committed to nonviolent action to remove the causes of war. WRI has affiliates in more than 30 countries, including in Colombia the Red Juvenil of Medellín.

Letter to Colombian government

On 25 November, the International Day Against Violence Against Women, la Ruta Pacífica de Mujeres and the National Movement of Women Against War are organising activities in Putumayo and elsewhere in Colombia, calling for a negotiated end to armed conflict, for demilitarisation and the respect of women's rights, and for alternatives to fumigation as a means to eradicate illegal crops.

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