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Saab Bofors Dynamics

Avrusta Disarmers on second trial

In the autumn of 2008, activists from the antimiltaristic network Ofog disarmed fourteen rocket propelled grenades at Saab Bofors Dynamics weapons factory in Eskilstuna. The two activists, Anna Andersson and Martin Smedjeback, were sentenced to four mounths imprisonment each in Eskilstuna district court. At the same trial Smedjeback was also sentenced to pay damages of 155 000 SEK (about 15 000 euros) for having climbed the fence at arms factory Aimpoint in Malmö. Both these cases where put on appeal and will now be tried again in Svea hovrätt (Court of Appeal) in Stockholm.

Swedes nearly disarmed export fighter jets

Related peace activists: 

In the early morning of March 22, three peace activists were arrested at
Saab Aerospace Systems’ weapons factory in Linköping, Sweden. Martin
Smedjeback, Annika Spalde and Pelle Strindlund were on their way to disarm
Jas 39 Gripen fighter jets intended for export to India, Thailand
and South Africa.

The peace activists, who are all part of the anti-militaristic network
Ofog, entered Saab’s industry area in Linköping, 200 kilometers from the

Disarm08- action camp against Swedish arms industry

From the 12th to19th of June the peace action camp Disarm08 took place in Kalskoga, the heart of the Swedish weapons indsutry. Karlskoga is the home of the two big companies BAE Systems Bofors and Saab Bofors Dynamics (together known as "Bofors").
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