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2 - 18 May, London: COnscription - an exhibition

A multimedia installation, by Caglar Kimyoncu, inspired by stories from Turkey exploring the call-up to military service for people who don’t ‘fit the mould’.

COnscription is the first project in Conscientious Objectors, a series of collaborative research-based focusing on countries which use conscription and national service.

The installation will be exhibited in Istanbul in the autumn.

More info here.

War Resisters' International condemns Pinar Selek's life sentence

Solidarity with Pinar SelekSolidarity with Pinar SelekStatement from 8 February 2013

War Resisters' International, an international network of pacifist and antimilitarist organisations with more than 80 affiliates in 40 countries, condemns the persecution of Pinar Selek.

On 24 January 2013, Pinar Selek, a Turkish feminist antimilitarist campaigner, was given a life sentence by an Istanbul court. The court issued an arrest warrant for Pinar, who is currently living in Strasbourg.

UN Human Rights Committee highlights conscientious objection in Turkey

On 17–18 October, the United Nations Human Rights Committee finalised the examination of the initial report of Turkey on the country’s implementation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Hülya Üçpınar, activist and human rights lawyer from Turkey, addressed the committee on behalf of WRI. She reported on the status of conscientious objection in Turkey, telling the committee about restrictions imposed on conscientious objectors lives – the fact they can't vote, are in constant danger of being detained by security forces, and are severely hampered in finding work.

The Current Situation Regarding Conscientious Objectors in Turkey

In October 2012, Hülya Üçpinar addressed the United Nationas Human Rights Committee on behalf of War Resisters' International.

Kerem Koç

  • Turquie

Officers of the Turkish Armed Forces:

After having read, researched, discussed, and prayed about compulsory military service for many years, I have come to the conclusion that I cannot participate in military service with a clear conscience and with freedom of will.

Kerem Koç

  • Kerem KoçKerem Koç

  • Turquie
Activist type:
  • objecteur/trice de conscience
  • Declared objector

CO Declarations:

Solidarité : une barrière entre vous, et la peur

Chers Ami/e/s,

Mon nom est Hülya Üçpınar, je suis une avocate des droits de
l'Homme en Turquie. Je vous écrit, à peine de retour d'une formation à l'échange nonviolent donnée par l'Internationale des résistant/e/s à la guerre. Un événement qui me rappelle les différentes contributions de l'IRG aux mouvements pour la paix et à l'antimilitarisme. L'IRG est essentiellement un réseau. Nous constituons un collectif de groupes aux opinions semblables, chacun luttant dans son pays contre le militarisme et les profiteurs de guerre. Avec l'aide de deux permanents, les membres de l'IRG s'apportent les uns aux autres une solidarité vitale et de précieux encouragements.

Concluding observations of the Human Rights Committee: Turkey

1 November 2012


10. The Committee is concerned about the discrimination and alleged acts of violence against people on the basis of their gender identity and sexual orientation, and about the social stigmatization and social exclusion of LGBT persons in terms of their access to health services, education, or to their treatment in the context of the regulations concerning compulsory military service and while serving in the military. (arts. 2 and 26)

UN Human Rights Committee calls on Turkey to Improve its Human Rights Situation

Joint press release from War Resisters' International, IHD, International Fellowship of Reconciliation, Istanbul LGBTT, International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, and the Centre for Civil and Political Rights

Geneva 17-18 October 2012.

İnan Suver

Start of detention:
  • 12 Sep 2012
End of detention:
  • 12 Oct 2012
  • Turquie
  • Detained for escaping from prison whilst serving a sentence for conscientious objection. Sentenced to five months imprisonment in absentia.

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