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Stopping the War Business: talking tactics and linking methods - registration deadline extended

War profiteering

We live in a world where people profit from war. In 2014, Global military expenditure was estimated to be $1776 billion. Lockheed Martin - the world's biggest arms company - sold more than $45.6 billion worth of equipment. The war in Iraq wrenched open the country's economy to contractors of all shapes and sizes.

Arms companies profit from every bomb that falls, and every bullet that's fired. Through occupation, companies have the opportunity to exploit cheap land and lax labour laws. Conflict zones give fossil fuel giants access to new resources to exploit. Militarism means that research funding goes towards developing weapons of war, not finding solutions to global challenges like climate change.

Countering the Militarisation of Youth

The international study conference on Countering the Militarisation of Youth, which took place from 8-10 June 2012 in Darmstadt, Germany, was a great success. With the conference we made an important step towards more cooperation and exchange among groups working on militarisation of youth in a range of topical areas and countries. For the conference, we brought together 65 participants from 14 countries and four continents, which in itself has been a great achievement. Our discussions enriched our understanding of militarisation, and helped to inspire us how to resist this militarisation.

War Starts Here - Newsletter #6

This is the newsletter for the international actioncamp War starts here in Luleå, Sweden, 22-29th of July 2011


1. Camping for Peace
2. Programme for the week
3. Working groups at the camp

1. Camping for Peace

The location for the camp site during War starts here is now booked. At the camp there will be plenty of room for tents, and for those who want a real bed to sleep in there are cottages and double rooms.

The Incredible Peace Machine - War Starts Here

The incredible peace machine, War Starts Here, Luleå 22-29 July

War Starts Here - Newsletter #5

This is the newsletter for the international actioncamp War starts here in Luleå, Sweden, 22-29th of July 2011


1. Inspiration for the peacecamp - more pink actions!
2. The Incredible Peace Machine
3. The Swedish War Map
4. Portraits of Resistance
5. Posters and newspapers - help us spread them
6. More and more people tell us they're coming

1. Inspiration for the peace camp - more pink actions!

War Starts Here

WRI Council meeting & ofog/WRI seminar, and action camp in Luleå, Sweden, 19-29 July 2011

Non à la nouvelle stratégie de l'Otan !

Agissons pour la Paix mondiale, le désarmement et la fin de l'Otan

Le Contre-sommet

(Lieu à déterminer)

Vendredi 19 novembre 2010

11h - 11h15 : Accueil et bienvenue avec Vitor Lima (PAGAN) et Reiner Braun (ICC)
11h15 - 13h : Conférences :
1. La guerre de l'Otan en Afghanistan (par Malalai Joya, Afghanistan, à confirmer)
2. La nouvelle stratégie de l'Otan et la crise globale (par Vitor Lima, PAGAN, Portugal)
3. Les armes nucléaires dans la nouvelle stratégie de l'Otan (par Joseph Gerson, AFSC, États Unis)

Non à la Guerre ! Non à l'Otan !

Rencontre militante les 16 & 17 octobre à Lisbonne

La rencontre militante de Non à la Guerre ! Non à l'Otan ! Sera intégrée à la conférence de l'organisation portugaise CULTURA. La conférence de CULTURA se tiendra à l'ISCTE (Instituto Superior de Ciên­cias do Trabalho e da Em­presa) à l'université de Lisbonne. Le lieu pour la conférence « Action » sera connu prochainement.
Le programme qui suit combine les deux évènements.

Samedi 16 octobre 2010

10h - 13h : Participation aux activités de CULTURA contre l'Otan.

Aldermaston Blockade, 15 February 2010 (video)

On 15 February 2010, more than 800 activists from Britain and all over Europe blockaded the nuclear weapon factory AWE Aldermaston in Berkshire, England.

Video of the Aldermaston blockade on 15 February 2010.

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