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Notes from a Belgrade women's activist

Feminists in the refugee camps 3rd June

On the road to Skopje, in front of the border people are standing and waiting to cross. There are 15-20 of them, apparently from the near by town, maybe from Gnjilane. I am wondering when have Belgrade citizens seen citizens from Gnjilane, or have they ever? Serbian or Albanian nationality? Anyway I see them for the first time in my life. They must be Albanians. They are standing in the darkness and waiting to cross the border. On foot. They are silent and I can only hear baby voices.

Letter from members of an environmental group, Belgrade

Seizure of NATO bombing relieved us here in Belgrade about the immediacy, but left us in a specific state of vacuum and with a great uncertainty about the future. We are choked by the pictures we receive via satellite TV, dominated by horrible evidence of atrocities by Yugoslav militia and paramilitaries conducted in Kosovo, and withdrawal of YU armoured vehicles with soldiers waving flags and bottles singing (on withdrawal!?).

Letter from Natasa Kandic (Humanitarian Law Centre, Belgrade)

I am now in Belgrade and I plan to remain here a few days before leaving for Kosovo and Montenegro.

I received a letter from Prizren dated 4 May 1999, but it did not reach me until the 20th. It bears a Serbian PTT postal stamp and it was probably mailed by someone who left Prizren. The letter itself is printed in capital letters and unsigned, but it came from a very good friend of mine.

Appeal for the support to peace and democracy in Serbia and Montenegro

An atmosphere of mistrust and expulsion of adversaries is spreading throughout FR Yugoslavia.

Against the logic of war

Letter to the International Helsinki Federation of Human Rights

Dear Friends and Esteemed Colleagues,

This letter is an answer to a "request" made by our associates and friends of long standing, with whom we cooperated for a number of years on the long-term and far-reaching programme of building a civic society in the FR of Yugoslavia.

Declaration of NGOs and political organizations of Yugoslavia

The Congress of the Center for the Dissemination of Information and Democracy (CeRID) and "Serbia Together" in joint session held on May 19 1999 in Nis, presents the following DECLARATION

Letter from Natasa Kandic (Humanitarian Law Centre, Belgrade)

I am currently in Montenegro, consulting lawyer -- refugees from Kosovo -- about ways to conduct research into events in Kosovo after 24 March.There are over 80,000 Albanian refugees in Montenegro. Approximately 60,000 of them are from Pec, Mitrovica and Istok. Interviewing refugees will help us obtain relevant material about the pattern of ethnic cleansing in the above places. This material will be useful to the ICTY's Office of the Prosecutor for their decisions on conducting investigations and bringing indictments.

To the governments of the fry, Serbia and Montenegro

The NATO aggression and continuous attacks against the FR of Yugoslavia have been going on for 44 days now. Hundreds of thousands of Kosovo Albanians have been forced to leave their homes. Under the tonnes of high-tech bombs and missiles the land is being converted to cinders, and the losses of human life grow daily.

Three letters from an antiwar activist in temporary exile in Budapest

(most recent first)

April 16, Budapest

Here are some more news about the situation in Serbia, where the bombings and massacres intensify. The death toll of passanger train hit rose to 55, of refugee convoy to 80 and the bridge over Danube in Belgrade is the only one still standing. The flames of oil rafinery and chemical plant in Pancevo are threatening in a very serious way.

Several thousand people gathered at the funeral of Slavko Curuvija, a prominent independent journalist, assassinated earlier this week.

Lettre à leurs amis albanais par les ONG

Belgrade, le 30 avril 1999

Chers amis,

Nous vous écrivons dans ces moments difficiles de nos souffrances communes.

Des convois d'Albanais et d'autres citoyens du Kosovo, parmi lesquels nombre d'entre vous, ont été forcés de quitter leurs foyers. Les meurtres, les expulsions, les maisons brà»lées, les routes et les usines détruites, dressent un tableau du Kosovo, de la Serbie et du Monténégro sombre et douloureux, qui semble indiquer que la vie en commun n'est désormais plus possible. Et pourtant, nous persistons à  penser que cela est possible et nécessaire.

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