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Balkan Peace Team

Tandis que les grandes puissances considèrent l'ex-Yougoslavie comme pacifiée, le Balkan Peace Team, tant en Croatie qu'en République Fédérale Yougoslave témoigne des tensions existantes. Otvorene Oci ("Ouvrez les yeux": la dénomination du Team en Croatie) possède déjà un bureau à Split et en a transféré un second de Zagreb à Karlovac. Ce dernier a signalé trois attentats visant des Serbes: le 24 février (seulement annoncé en page 4 du journal local!) et deux autres les 28 février et 2 mars après une manifestation contre des Serbes revenant de République Fédérale Yougoslave à Vojnic.

Nos Affilies: Une militante de l'ARK nominée pour le Prix Nobel de la Paix.

Vesna Terselic de la Campagne anti-guerre de Croatie a été nominée pour le Prix Nobel de la Paix. Elle a été proposée par le Bureau International de la Paix, de même que Selim Beslagic, ancien bourgmestre de Tuzla, et Vesna Pesic, dirigeant de l'Alliance Civique en République Fédérale Yougoslave. Ceci a déjà eu pour conséquence de propulser Vesna (qui est membre individuelle de la WRI-IRG et coordinatrice de l'ARK) sur le devant de la scène.

Evictions in Croatia

(Editor’s note—the following article was written before the scheduled October 3 eviction. On October 3, many prominent people, including Members of Parliament, showed up and the authorities postponed the eviction.)

by Kathryn Turnipseed and Vesna Kesic

Open letter from former-Yugoslav peace groups, and WRI response

Representatives of some of the main anti-war groups in former-Yugoslavia met in St Johan, Salzburg, Austria this April. One of the documents they produced was an Open Letter to Peace Movements, written in a private capacity, rather than in the name of their groups.

RESOLUTION 1042 (1994) on deserters and draft resisters from the republics of the former Yugoslavia

1.The Assembly recalls its Resolution 984 (1992) on the crisis in the former Yugoslavia, its Resolution 1019 (1994) on the humanitarian situation and needs of the refugees, displaced persons and other vulnerable groups in the countries of the former Yugoslavia and its Recommendation 1218 (1993) on establishing an international court to try serious violations of international humanitarian law.

2.It refers to the European Parliament resolution on deserters from the armed forces of states in the former Yugoslavia adopted on 28 October 1993.

Lesbians in Croatia

by Andrea Spehar

Lesbian life in Croatia today is a life of women who are victims of totalitarian systems forced to hide their sexuality and to have a dual life--the private and the public. A few of us decided to struggle for our rights, to be public. I hope our activities will stimulate others to join us. Obviously in war time it is very hard to overcome the lack of courage. It is hard to struggle for truth when you can be fired from work the next day.


Against the War in Former-Yugoslavia

Women in Black in Belgrade celebrated their second anniversary on October 9, 1993. A pamphlet and a book of leaflets and articles about their work was published: for copies, fax +381 11 334 706. The group, in addition to their regular antiwar vigils, also held the workshop "Is there no end to this war?" on international women's day in 1993. In August last year, the group sponsored the second international conference on "Feminist Solidarity Against War" in Subotica, Tresnjevac and Novi Sad.

Violation of Women's Human Rights in Croatia

Confronted with the unlawful eviction of thousands of occupants -predominantly women and children- from apartments formerly owned by the Federal Yugoslav Army (JNA) in Croatia, several Croatian Women's groups have joined forces in protesting against the violations. We reprint here part of a press release by the Zagreb Women's Human Rights Group, which outlines the issue:

Support for Deserters and Draft Resisters From Former Yugoslavia International Deserters Network

On 4-6 March, 19 people from 10 European countries met to discuss the situation of draft resisters and deserters seeking asylum. This has become a major issue in Europe with the large numbers of refugees from the war in former-Yugoslavia, especially as several governments insist that Croatia and Serbia are not part of the war zone.

New Human Rights Group for Women in Croatia

B.a.B.e. (Be active, Be emancipated) is a human rights centre for women, located in Zagreb and initiated by the Zagreb Women's Lobby. Our mission is to enhance understanding and foster the spirit and principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) in ways that are culturally relevant and integral to women's lives in Croatia.
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