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The United States: a growing aggression against Latin America

There is a new political equilibrium in Latin America that is annoying and worrying the White House. There is even mention of a new “axis of evil”, made up of Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia. To attack the governments of these countries, The United States is resorting to political, ethnic and religious propaganda, as well as economic pressure, through veiled announcements in the media, which appear to be news items, reports, articles and even opinion columns and editorials.

War Resisters' International at the IV European Social Forum in Istanbul

From 1-5 July 2010 the IV European Social Forum will take place in Istanbul.

War Resisters' International is part of several seminars and workshops during the ESF:

Thursday, 1 July, 9.30-12.30

The struggle against nuclear weapons in Europe and the Middle-East
Hans Lammerant (Vredesactie), Dominic Moran (Greenpeace), Ufuk Uras
Room D102-200, İtü Maçka Kampüsü

"No to Nato, Against militarisation and nuclearisation of the EU, build EU for peace"

War Resisters' International at the 5th European Social Forum and 1st European Peace Action Forum in Malmö, Sweden.

The 5th European Social Forum in Malmö

Action during the ESF 2008Action during the ESF 2008

More than two years have passed by since the last European Social Forum in Athens in May 2006. From the southern edge of Europe, the European Social Forum has now moved to the north: Malmö in Sweden has been a very welcoming city for the 5th European Social Forum, and although the forum was spread out over several venues in Malmö, all of them were within walking distance.


From 17-21 September, more than 10 000 people from all over Europe (and beyond) took part in the 5th European Social Forum in Malmö in Sweden. More than 15 000 participated in a colourful demonstration through the city of Malmö on 20 September, calling for “power to the people”.


Du 17 au 21 septembre 2008, les mouvements sociaux européens vont se rassembler à Malmö pour le Forum social européen (FSE) 2008. De même, de nombreux militantEs pacifistes et antimilitaristes se retrouveront au Forum d'action européenne pour la paix (EPA), au sein du FSE, qui est organisé par de nombreux groupes pacifistes européens et coordonné pour le groupe antimilitariste suédois Ofog.

Forum européen d'actions pour la paix

Au Forum social européen de Malmö du 17 au 21 septembre 2008

Au sein du Forum social européen de Malmö, différents groupes pacifistes et antimilitaristes organisent le Forum européen d'actions pour la paix (EPA). Il comportera quatre thématiques: l'Otan et la militarisation de l'Union européenne, l'armement nucléaire, la militarisation de l'espace, et le complexe militaro-industriel international. Le thème transversal du forum sera de renforcer notre résistance à la militarisation. Des actions seront possibles contre les entreprises locales d'armement.

War Resisters' International in Nairobi

A report on War Resisters' International's activities at the World Social Forum in Kenya

War Resisters' International took part in the Nairobi World Social Forum with an international delegation, consisting of participants from 4 continents: Ela Gandhi (South Africa) and Theodros Azbaha (Eritrea), Rafael Uzcategui (Venezuela), Michal Stoler (Israel), Clare Bayard (USA), Subhadip Mukherjee (India), Tobias Pflüger (Germany), Stellan Vinthagen (Sweden), and Andreas Speck, Javier Garate and Yvonne Kassim from the WRI office in London.


At the WSF in NairobiAt the WSF in Nairobi"People's Struggles - people's alternatives" was the theme of ther 7th World Social Forum which took place in Nairobi from 20-25 January 2007. War Resisters' International took part in this World Social Forum with a 10-persons strong delegation.

War Resisters at the 2007 WSF in Nairobi

Everything is ready for the 2007 World Social Forum in Nairobi that starts the 20th of January. War Resisters' International  will be present there  with a delegation and a number of events. With the aim of promoting and making more visible antimilitarism and nonviolence at this movement of movements event. And also to strengthen our connections with groups in Africa.


People's Struggles, People's Alternatives is the theme of the World Social Forum in Nairobi, a theme, which certainly is of relevance to antimilitarists and pacifists. And a theme, that is also very relevant in the African context, where people struggle against neo-colonial exploitation, and against war and violence.
Since the beginning of the World Social Forum process in 2001,

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