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War Profiteers

Arrêtons les profiteurs de guerre ! La guerre est un crime contre l´humanité"

Au cours de l'année écoulée, l'Internationale des résistant-e-s à la guerre a développé un nouveau «Programme de Nonviolence». Le but général de ce programme est de renforcer et d'approfondir notre compréhension de la nonviolence, des stratégies nonviolentes et des modes d'actions nonviolents, afin de développer et de mettre à disposition des outils et du soutien aux groupes utilisant la nonviolence (cf. Le Fusil Brisé n° 55). Un aspect de ce travail est le développement des ressources pour la campagne de l'IRG contre les profiteurs de guerre.

Working against war profiteers: Some examples of campaigns by War Resisters' affiliates and others

Serco is part of the consortium that runs Aldermaston. Since the company began its involvement with the British nuclear weapons programme, women from the Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp(aign) (AWPC) began organising a shareholder campaign.

As Serco Group plc is a huge and rapidly expanding company AWPC had expected their AGM to be a moderately impressive affair: not a bit! Whilst the coffee and apple Danish were pretty classy, and the atmosphere reeks of money, privilege and power, the meetings themselves are very small and short.

Global Initiative against War Profiteers: Funding Proposal


War Resisters' International's new project the Global Initiative Against War Profiteers aims to coordinate and promote campaigns against war profiteers. It is inspired by Arundhati Roy's call at the World Social Forum in Mumbai in January 2004 for the movement to focus on major corporations profiteering from the Iraq occupation.

Prosecuting war criminals

As we remember imprisoned peacemakers, Xabi Agirre Aranburu argues the case for imprisoning those responsible for war crimes as a necessary step in preventing war.

The town of Stolac's position on the front-line had made it an obvious target of Serbian artillery ever since the war In Bosnia begun. One particular morning In the summer of 1992 began with the usual Serbian bombardment. This time, the shells landed, but did not explode.

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