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Readers Survey for WRI Women's Newsletter

Please return by May 15, 2000 to: WRI, Women's Working Group, 5 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX, UK. Tel. + 44 171 278 4040; fax +44 20 7278 0444; email:

  1. Do you prefer receiving the WRI Women's Newsletter:
    • by email: (please indicate clearly which email address)
      Which format?
      • Text-only attachment
      • Pagemaker 6.5
      • WP6
      • Other
    • paper copy, by post:
    • remove my name from the mailing list
  2. What do you find most useful about the newsletter?
    • Women's Working Group updates
    • stories of other women
    • resource section
    • calendar
    • other
  3. What do you find least useful?
  4. How often should the WRI Women's Newsletter be published?
    • Twice a year
    • Three times a year
    • Four times a year
    • Other:
  5. Are you willing to guest edit an issue of the newsletter?
    • On what theme?
  6. What themes would you like to see in the newsletter?
    • Women and social empowerment
    • Nonviolence and feminism
    • Other
  7. Do you also receive the following publications?
    1. Broken Rifle
      • Yes
      • No
      • Please send me a sample copy
    2. Peace News
      • Yes
      • No
      • Please send me a sample copy
    3. May 24 International Women's Day for Peace and Disarmament
      • Yes
      • No
      • Please send me a sample copy
    4. Cross the Lines
      • Yes
      • No
      • Please send me a sample copy
  8. Do you receive the Women's Working Group minutes?
  9. Do you want to receive the minutes? If yes:
    • by email
    • paper copy, by post
Your name: