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Spanish activists highlight tax spending on military

Activists in Spain, outside the Juan de Garay military barracks in BilbaoActivists in Spain, outside the Juan de Garay military barracks in Bilbao

The KEM-MOC antimilitarist collective took nonviolent direct action denouncing spending on the military at the Juan de Garay military barracks in Bilbao in late December. Marking the 'Day of the Innocents', the group hung a puppet on the gates of the military installation with the number “890”, corresponding to the average contribution to the military made by each person in Spain, each year. Their banner read “Ez izan inuxente, izan desobdiente” or “don't be naïve, be disobedient”.

“This huge amount of money is provided from our taxes,” declared KEM-MOC, “because of this, each year we open our tax objection office, where we give people the opportunity to oppose this injustice, and refuse to pay the part of their taxes that is dedicated to military spending, and instead use them for social purposes.

This year, the numbers in the state budget show that spending on the military will increase again in comparison to the year before, while the eduction and health ministries are being cut.”