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Remote volunteering with WRI

In the WRI office we are looking for a volunteer to help us reconnect with War Resisters' International affiliates.

WRI is first and foremost a network, so it is important for the office to be in touch with WRI affiliates, but this can be difficult with all other tasks we do in the office. The goal of the work of the volunteer would be to make the WRI network more integrated (with each other and with the WRI office in London) and dynamic. With a stronger network, we can do more together!

You can be based anywhere in the world, and be willing to have a conference call with us at the start of the project, and then keep in touch with the office via either conference calls or emails from then on.


  1. Contacting WRI affiliates we have lost touch with

  • This might involve researching current contact details for affiliates, either online research or through person-to-person requests
  • As a result of this, updating our internal and public ( databases

  2. Giving affiliates we are back in touch with ways of connecting with the WRI network.

This might include:

  • Linking up with WRI mailing lists and groups, social media, etc
  • Being in touch with regional networks e.g. the Latin American and European Antimilitarist networks, the Pan-African Nonviolence and Peacebuilding network
  • Contributing an affiliation fee, where possible
  • Participating in WRI in-person events
  • Having members getting involved in WRI committees and working groups

The hours are totally flexible. You could think of spending two hours per week on this task, or more if you are able. It would be open ended, with the aim at least of the database of affiliates being fully updated during your time. This would mean that for each affiliate we have either fully up-to-date contacts or knowledge that they have shut down as an organisation.

At the end, the volunteer will be able to demonstrate experience of working with a worldwide network, communications skills and ability to work independently.

Please get in touch with us at if you are interested

Thank you!