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Upcoming events: WRI Seminar and Council

WRI Seminar and Council 2007 in Israel

The annual WRI seminar and Council meeting will take place in Israel in 2007,from 23-26 August. The theme of the seminar will be on militarism and gender.
The Gender and Militarism Seminar will bring together activists and academics from all over the world to study the mutual connections between militarism and gender. The seminar is organised by War Resisters' International together with the Israeli feminist antimilitarist movement New Profile, and will be followed by the annual meeting of the WRI International Council. Topics to be discussed at the seminar include: Gender and the militarization of culture around the world, Willingness to serve and masculinity, Mothers for peace and mothers for war, Sexist public discourse in Israel during the 2nd Lebanon War, Militarised masculinities and femininities, Redefining and demilitarising economic priorities, The concept of security, Militarism and homophobia, Gender, sexuality and military service, Sexual harassments of women in the military, Human rights in the military and the antimilitarist response, Domestic violence after military service, Rape - weapon of war and tool of hate propaganda, Gender in nonviolence training, Gender in the refusal movement, The Palestinian feminist movement, Taking gender analysis serious in our movement work, and many others.

The seminar will also see the first presentation of WRI's upcoming worldwide anthology of women's conscientious objection.

Please contact the WRI Office if you are interested in participating, and want to be kept informed.

More information is available on the WRI website.