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Current Council and Executive Committee (appointed 2014 International Conference)

Chair: Christine Schweitzer, Germany.

Dr. Christine Schweitzer is the Chair of War Resisters' International. She is one of the co-founders of the “Institute for Peace Work and Nonviolent Conflict Transformation (IFGK, Germany) where she also works as a researcher; she is part-time co-coordinator at the German organisation “Federation for Social Defence” (BSV); and editor of the bi-monthly magazine “Peace Forum”.


Treasurer: Sergeiy Sandler, Israel

Dr. Sergeiy Sandler is the Treasurer of War Resisters' International, and of New Profile in Israel. He has been active in the peace movement - both in Israel and within the WRI network - for many years. He is a conscientious objector and a long-time activist in the Israeli feminist antimilitarist movement New Profile.


Internationally elected council members:  

  •      Jungmin Choi, South Korea (Executive Committee)

Jungmin Choi is the coordinator of nonviolence trainings at 'World Without War', a South Korean organisation based in Seoul that supports conscientious objectors and takes action against the arms trade.

  •      Cattis Laska, Sweden (Executive Committee)

Cattis Laska is a social worker and a member of Ofog ('Mischief'), an antimilitarist network in Sweden organizing actions and workshops that relate to arms trade, recruitment and militarisation. She is also a member of the Countering the Militarisation of Youth programme committee at WRI.

  •      Hülya Üçpinar, Turkey (Executive Committee)

Hülya Üçpinar is a human rights lawyer from Turkey, and has a long track record of campaigning for the right to conscientious objection in Turkey. She is an executive committee member of the Conscientious Objection Association in Turkey, and one of the co-founders of the Nonviolent Education and Research Centre, based in Istanbul.

  •     Sergeiy Sandler, Israel (Treasurer)

  •     Carlos Barranco, State of Spain

  •     Albert Beale, Britain

Albert Beale is a physics teacher who became a peace movement journalist (including many years as a Peace News editor). His militant pacifism is intimately linked to his atheism and his unconditional opposition to nationalism; he has been active in the WRI and in its British affiliate, the Peace Pledge Union (PPU), since the 1970s. He currently edits an international database of peace organisations, and is active (locally and nationally) on issues including housing, transport, sexual politics, free speech, cycling, and privatisation. His campaigning experience ranges from legal actions to direct action. He is a trustee of the building housing WRI's offices.

  •     Moses John, South Sudan

Moses Monday John is member of the council of the War Resisters' International (WRI). He serves as co-chair of the Pan African Nonviolence and Peace-building Network (PANPEN). Mr. John is a founding member and current Executive Director of the Organization for Nonviolence and Development (ONAD) in South Sudan. He has more than 15 years’ experience in planning, designing and facilitating nonviolence and peacebuilding trainings in African and Europe. He is an associate lecturer in conflict management at the School of Public Service, University of Juba. He holds Master of Arts in peace and development studies from the Centre for Peace.

  •     Subhash Chandra Kattel, Nepal

  •     Lexys Rendón, Venezuela

  •     Miles Rutendo Tanhira, Zimbabwe/Sweden

  •     Igor Seke, Serbia/Mexico

  •     Stellan Vinthagen, Sweden

Dr. Stellan Vinthagen is Professor of Sociology, a scholar-activist, and the Inaugural Endowed Chair in the Study of Nonviolent Direct Action and Civil Resistance at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where he directs the Resistance Studies Initiative ( He is also Editor of the Journal of Resistance Studies (, Co-Leader of the Resistance Studies Group at University of Gothenburg, Sweden and co-founder of the international Resistance Studies Network (, as well as a Council Member of War Resisters' International, and academic advisor to the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC). Stellan's research is focused on resistance, power, social movements, nonviolent action, conflict transformation and social change. Since 1980 he has been an educator, organiser and activist in several countries, and has participated in more than 30 nonviolent civil disobedience actions, for which he has served a total of more than one year in prison. His latest book is A Theory of Nonviolent Action - How Civil Resistance Works (2015) 


The Council also includes a representative from each section and a non-voting observer from each associate organisation or publication. [find the list of WRI affiliates here]

A page on the duties of council members (elected or appointed) can be read here in English, French, German, and Spanish.

The WRI Constitution is available at