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Women's Comics

What is artistic, political and, most of all, FUN, all at the same time? Comics! The last twenty years have seen an explosion of women's comics, most often in small magazines that women publish themselves. Adriana Batista and Ana Barreto of Mexico produce Esporádica, the comic magazine with the adventures of two women who face problems like rising rents or the debt crisis without ever losing their dignity or sense of humor. Speaking at an international feminist bookfair several years ago, Adriana said women must be very aware of their situation and that "My hope is that more younger women will dare to write and publish." Esporádica (Colectivo Editorial Esporádica, Apartado Postal 10249, México 1, D.F. C.P. 06000, México) helps to educate readers about important issues in an enjoyable way.

Women's Radio en ingles y español

FIRE (Feminist International Radio Endeavour) began broadcasting in May 1991 (at 1800, 0000 and 1600 Universal Coordinated Time, on 21.465 MHz, 13.630 MHz and 7.375 MHz) on Radio for Peace International, an independent shortwave radio station in Costa Rica. The program, in English and Spanish, wants to give women worldwide a voice to speak out on all issues, and encourages women to send tapes (in mono, from 25 to 50 minutes long) showing a women's perspective. Contact: Radio for Peace International, Apartado 88, Santa Ana, Costa Rica. Tel. 506-49 1821.

News from Latin America

FEMPRESS publishes news and articles about women in Latin America, Casilla 16-637, Santiago 9, Chile....Latinamerica Press (LP) publishes a weekly 8-page newsletter in Spanish or English with news and progressive analysis of events throughout the continent. An individual subscription is US$ 50 (special rates for students and solidarity groups). Latinamerica Press, Apartado 5594, Lima 100, Peru....The 500 Years Program of the Latin American Council of Churches (CLAI, Casilla 17-08-8522, Quito, Ecuador) will publish its magazine 500 Years (in Spanish or English) until the end of 1994. Full of excellent articles on women, human rights and indigenous struggles. US$10. Return to WRI Women index page


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