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Tony Smythe revolucionó el movimiemto de derechos humanos de su generación.

Michael Randle Lunes 29 de marzo del 2004 The Guardian (Inglaterra) Tony Smythe quien murió a los 65 años de edad, era una de aquellas personas, a quién comentaristas de derecha, culpaban de ser responsable de la decadencia del estándar y de los valores Británicos entre los años 1960 y 1970. Estuvo vinculado y en muchos casos a la vanguardia de muchos de los movimientos de derechos humanos como también movimientos emancipadores de aquel entonces y de las décadas siguientes.

Opening doors to peace

This book is a memorial to Myrtle Solomon, a committed pacifist who inspired people by her example. It brings together her major writings, into each of which she succeeded in injecting a nugget of significance, of originality, of creative intelligence. Her interviews for oral histories give her a voice and reveal something of her personality even to those who did not know her. The tributes at her death, culled from numerous expressions of appreciation for her as a person and a leader, help explain why this book was seen as a suitable commemoration to a woman who engaged all her formidable energy in the cause of peace. The book primarily reflects Myrtle Solomon's work as chair of the War Resisters' International from 1975 to 1986.

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