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The army and the people never were as one

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  • Activists tortured and killed by the army, even after Mubarak’s resignation (A study supported with documents)
  • Does the Egyptian Army stand alongside the revolution?

Military arresting an activistMilitary arresting an activistOn 11 February 2011, after the President’s stepping-down speech that was delivered by Omar Suliman (Vice-President of the Republic, and the former head of the Egyptian intelligence), many Egyptians rushed to declaring victory and the completion of the revolution…. I regret having to say the following, mostly because many of those who spoke out are my friends, but people have the right to know the truth. Some people wanted to take advantage of the presence of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to get political positions by making deals with the Supreme Council. They knew that they could not achieve such positions through a regular democratic process. And some of them had connections with the secret service before the revolution, and supported the secret service by default (I don’t want to describe them as the Secret Service’s agents) and some others thought that the army was not a part of the July Military Regime! And people were therefore misled by the army declarations (Press Releases) and have accepted the army’s role in the transitional phase.

The Story of 2 Days I spent at the Egyptian Intelligence

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We are against what the army is doing to steal our revolutionWe are against what the army is doing to steal our revolutionLast Friday, the 4th of February, at night, I was arrested at one of the headquarters of the Egyptian intelligence. They were covering my eyes and there was a group of intelligence officers making conversations with many Egyptian activists who were arrested as me (9 of them were arrested while going out from El-Barada’i home). One of the intelligence officers told me in front of them “if we collected those 20 activists it would be 10% of what you did”, so I replied, “I am a humble person and I see that all of them are better than me”.

Venezuela: la Revolución como espectáculo

La Revolución como espectáculoLa Revolución como espectáculo

Rafael Uzcátegui: Venezuela: La Revolución como espectáculo.
Una crítica anarquista al gobierno bolivariano.

ISBN: 978-84-937144-5-1

El Libertario/ La Cucaracha Ilustrada / Libros de Anarres / Tierra de Fuego / LaMalatesta

Declaración de la Internacional de Resistentes a la Guerra ante el asesinato en Nigeria de Nwosu Chidi

Nosotr@s, l@s miembr@s de la Internacional de Resistentes a la Guerra (IRG), expresamos nuestro profundo horror... y la tristeza profunda por la tortura y el asesinato del pacifista de Nigeria, Chidi Nwosu, fundador y presidente de los Derechos Humanos, Justicia y Paz de la Fundación, miembro afiliado de la IRG. Nwosu, un activista de por vida de los derechos humanos y promotor del cambio social no violento, fue brutalmente asesinado en su casa el 29 de diciembre de 2010.

GALZ: The sign of a victory

“I feel relieved and elated! Thank God! Today I will have a good night sleep in peace,” these are the words of victory echoed by Ignatious Muhambi a consultant accountant with GALZ following his acquittal today.

Muhambi was on trial facing charges of allegedly possessing pornographic material, in breach of the country’s censorship laws.

In her ruling Magistrate Sandra Mupindu who presided over the matter said that there was no prima facie evidence to prove the essential elements of the case which are possession, indecent or obscene and without lawful excuse.

Phyllis Higgins (-10 June 2010)

Phyllis HigginsPhyllis Higgins

Phyllis Higgins, a pacifist and a volunteer with the WRI (and other pacifist organisations), has died on June 10th, 2010. She will be remembered with kindness by the many WRI activists to whom she had extended her hospitality while they were staying in London.

War Resisters' International at the IV European Social Forum in Istanbul

From 1-5 July 2010 the IV European Social Forum will take place in Istanbul.

War Resisters' International is part of several seminars and workshops during the ESF:

Thursday, 1 July, 9.30-12.30

The struggle against nuclear weapons in Europe and the Middle-East
Hans Lammerant (Vredesactie), Dominic Moran (Greenpeace), Ufuk Uras
Room D102-200, İtü Maçka Kampüsü

"No to Nato, Against militarisation and nuclearisation of the EU, build EU for peace"

Zimbabue: la Policía allana la oficina de Gays y Lesbianas de Zimbabue, organización afiliada a la IRG

Related peace activists: 

El lunes 24 de mayo de 2010 la policía de Zimbabue interpuso nuevos cargos contra una trabajadora y un trabajador de Gays y Lesbianas de Zimbabue (GALZ por sus siglas en inglés), que fueron detenidos la semana pasada después de que la policía allanara sus oficinas en Harare.

La policía presentó el lunes cargos contra Ellen Chademana, que asistió a la conferencia de la IRG en India el pasado mes de enero, y a Ignatius Muhambi por contravenir la Sección 33 de la Ley Criminal (Codificación y Reforma) por supuestamente socavar la autoridad del Presidente Robert Mugabe.

Is Gujarat A Democratic State? Do Gandhi's Ideals Live Here Anymore? Answer is: NO.

Do people have a right to voice their concerns? Can people peacefully speak out against something they consider as injustice? It would seem not if you go by the recent action of Gujarat state and Police.

That Gujarat has one of the worst Human Rights track records in the country is no secret. That it is only hell bent on worsening it, if recent developments are to be believed, is new.

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