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La IRG condena los ataques “vergonzosos” a Nazlie Bala en Kosovo

La Internacional de Resistentes a la Guerra está conmocionada y horrorizada por el brutal ataque a la defensora de derechos humanos Nazlie Bala que tuvo lugar la semana pasada. Los hombres que esperaron a Bala y la apalearon aún no han sido identificados, pero presumiblemente son los que le enviaron esta amenaza “Por favor no protejas la vergüenza.

WRI condemns 'shameful' attacks on Nazlie Bala in Kosovo

London, Friday, 5 April, 2013

Nazlie BalaNazlie BalaWar Resisters' International - an international peace organisation founded in 1921 - is shocked and horrified by the vicious attack last week on Kosovar human rights defender Nazlie Bala. The men who lay in wait for Bala and severely beat her have not yet been identified, but presumably are those who sent her this threat: 'Please do not protect the shame. Otherwise, we’ll kill you.'

Agron Kurhasj

  • Kosovo
Tipo de activista:
  • objector/a de conciencia
  • Desconocido/desaparecido

Kosovo: International pacifist organisation calls for end of prosecution of Albin Kurti

On 5 February in Prishtina, Kosovo, nonviolent activist Albin Kurti faces the fifth hearing in a trial where he is charged with "attempting to cause general danger and/or large-scale property damage", obstructing official persons in performing their duties, and inciting people to break a police cordon.

Dealing with the past in Kosov@?

Howard Clark

The past has been a battlefield in Kosovo for the past century. Since Serbia's bloody conquest of Kosovo in 1912, the rival “victim” historical narratives of the Serbian and Albanian communities in the territory have fuelled cycles of ethnic domination and sometimes atrocities. What people choose to remember or know and what people choose to honour or celebrate continue to shape the future.

Balkan Peace Team - International e.V.

Balkan Peace Team - International e.V.

Nonviolent Intervention in the Conflicts of Former Yugoslavia: Sending Teams of International Volunteers

A Final Internal Assessment of

Nonviolent action in conflict (non-war) situations

Several speakers were unhappy with the use of the term "non-war" in the title of this session. While situations in Israel, Yugoslavia (pre-'99) and Northern Ireland were neither full-scale war nor peace, speakers felt that the term "non-war" obscured the long-term, low-intensity nature of these conflicts

War Resisters' International: Balkans resource page

Rebuilding Kosov@ and the FRY: resource pages

UK/KOSOVO: Kosov@ conscientious objector threatened with deportation from Britain

  • Kosovo

Agron Kurhasj, a refugee from Kosov@ currently in detention at Gatwick airport, his wife Alma and their two children Arber (born 01/06/98) and Kledis (born 03/09/01) are presently at imminent risk of forced removal from Britain.

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