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This is the last issue of 2008, which has been a year full of events related to war profiteering. We have reported on many successful actions, as again we do with this issue with the disarmament action in Sweden. The last part of the year has been dominated by the financial crisis in the world - a financial crisis in many ways due to the way the system favours big corporations whose priority it is to make their own shareholders richer and nothing else. War profiteers are one of those groups responsible for the state the economy is in now, as we show here with the case of our War Profiteer of the Month - Citigroup. The War Profiteer of the Month and the Campaign of the Month - My Money Clear Conscience- have been carefully chosen given the present economic situation. At the last Council Meeting of WRI it was decided to focus more of our work against war profiteering on campaigning against financial institutions involved in war businesses. In this work we wish to build on all the successes already made in this work and to also make connections still needed, especially between the North and South.
I would also like to thank Martin Smedjeback and Andy Heaslet for their contributions to this edition.

Last but not least I want to wish you the very best for a 2009 without profiteers.