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Get the military out of education! Join a day of action

Military out of schoolMilitary out of schoolWRI are jointly coordinating an international Day of Action For Military-Free Education and Research on 14 June 2013 - part of our Countering the Militarisation of Youth work. The day will be based on a recent German week of action, with 100+ groups and actions in 8+ cities. Education centres were leafleted with info highlighting dangers of joining the military, accompanied sometimes with fake blood, a coffin, and chocolate 'medicine' (to protect students against military propaganda). A week of action is planned for 2014 - 14 June 2013 is a chance to try ideas for actions. Groups and individuals are invited to organise autonomous actions, using the same slogan (probably 'Military-Free Education and Research') and logo.

Please email for more info.

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