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WRI Working Groups

Africa Working Group

Formed at the WRI Triennial conference in Brazil in December 1994

Convenors: Jan van Criekinge, Matt Meyer, Chesterfield Samba, and Yvonne Kassim

Colombia Working Group

New for 2004. Has worked with the Women's Working Group on support for La Ruta Pacífica de Mujeres and the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó.

More recently, the Colombia Working Group has support the National Assembly of Conscientious Objectors (ANOOC) in Colombia.

Contact office for further information.

War Resisters International Women's Working Group

The Women's Working Group (WWG) is an international network of women from more than 20 countries working within the pacifist and antimilitarist organisation, War Resisters' International. We address the connected issues of violence against women and the violence of war. We publish a bi-annual publication called WRI Women, and meet annually during the WRI Council meetings.

Nonviolence Training Working Group

Convenor: Dorie Wilsnack