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Joe Glenton: why I refused to fight in Afghanistan

Conscientious Objector Joe Glenton and author of Soldier Box, speaking on why he refused to serve in Afghanistan: http://joeglenton.com/

As part of the panel as part of the COnscription exhibition on International Conscientious Objectors Day: http://www.filmpro.net/conscription-panel-discussion

With thanks to Paul at Fourman Films for this: http://www.youtube.com/user/fourmanfilms



conscience TAXES FOR PEACE NOT WAR, works for a world where taxes are used to nurture peace, not pay for war.

Extensive coverage for report arguing for British military minimum recruitment age to be raised to 18

One Step ForwardOne Step ForwardA report written jointly by ForcesWatch and Child Soldiers International, entitled 'One Step Forward: The case for ending recruitment of minors by the British armed forces', was published on 23 April. It argues that not only are military personnel who joined as minors are more likely to suffer from mental health issues – it is more than twice as expensive to train minors than adults. The report was covered in the national press, as well as on radio and television.

Nuclear Weapons and Militarisation in the UK

Militarisation in the UK generally

'Militarisation' means the ways in which the presence and approaches of the military (typically state armed forces and Defence Ministries) are normalised in a society. Military solutions are prioritised, and the military is privileged in various ways.

A society has to be militarised for a government to justify the development and maintenance of nuclear weapons to its citizens; militarisation creates a culture of acceptance. It popularises military euphemisms such as 'Defence', 'Security', and – particularly relevant to nuclear weapons – 'deterrant', and makes it hard to for those challenging these to be seen as credible.

Impacts of police infiltration on the UK climate movement

The past few years have seen a change in the UK climate movement. Though all signs point towards an exciting resurgence of direct action on climate, until a few months ago there was a distinct lull in radical grass- roots action on climate change, dating back to the failed COP15 climate talks in Copenhagen (December 2009), where the movement's biggest mobilisation ended in disappointment and despair.

"Boycott Samsung" demonstration in London

Olympic sponsor's military construction threatens 'Peace Island'

A demonstration on Saturday 9 June outside the Samsung Store on Tottenham Court Road called for a boycott of Samsung products. Samsung is the main building contractor of the controversial $970 million naval base on Jeju Island, South Korea. Officially designated 'The Island of World Peace', Jeju is home to several UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage sites, and promoted by the South Korean government as 'one of the seven wonders of the world'. The people of Gangjeong village, where construction threatens their way of life, farms and coastline, are mounting a non-violent resitance that's gaining international attention. Samsung and the Korean navy continue to enforce the project despite 94% opposition among the village electorate. Over 500 protestors have been arrested since construction started, many imprisoned, including the village mayor.

Challenging the military's involvement in education in the United Kingdom

The UK armed forces visit thousands of schools each year. They offer school presentation teams, ‘careers advisors’, lessons plans, away days and more.

Gabriel Carlyle

Detention centre:
Start of detention:
  • 21 Mar 2012
End of detention:
  • 27 Mar 2012
  • United Kingdom
  • Sentenced for obstruction of the highway because of a nonviolent die-in for NATO's victims in Afghanistan back in May 2009. The die-in took place close to the gates of Britain's command centre for the Afghan war, a base in Northwood in North London. Refused to pay the fine.

Gabriel Carlyle

  • United Kingdom
Activist type:
  • Nonviolent activist

HMP Cornton Vale

United Kingdom
Detention centre address: 

Stirling FK9 5NU

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