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UK: Sisters Against the Arms Trade shut down missile factory

On 3rd May, a group of 15 women and non-binary gendered people took direct action against the MBDA missile factory in Bedfordshire, UK. Below is a personal account from one of the activists involved.

We stayed overnight at a friend’s house near the Bedfordshire factory; slumber party style. We got up first thing (4am!), ate a quick breakfast, and headed straight to the factory. By 5.45am we had chains and locks around both gates, and two people locked on. The factory was shut down! Nobody could get in to work.

Securing whose future? Militarism in an age of climate crisis

Nick Buxton

For anyone concerned with militarism, news of the terrorist attacks in Brussels brought a familiar sense of dread. We ache as we hear the stories of more innocent lives lost, and we feel foreboding from the knowledge that the bombings will predictably fuel new cycles of violence and horror in targeted communities at home or abroad. It creates the binary world that neocons and terrorists seek: an era of permanent war in which all our attention and resources are absorbed – and the real crises of poverty, inequality, unemployment, social alienation and climate crisis ignored.

Put arms dealers on trial, not peace activists

Alongside other peace activists, WRI members from around Europe are in court in London from next Monday on trial for their disruption of the DSEI arms fair in September last year.
Anyone available to join us in solidarity in the Court next week, check out Stop The Arms Fair Facebook event for info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1716179711938981/
Use #stopDSEI to share you solidarity with Javier, Bram, Luis and others in the run up to their court appearance next week.

Book review: The Hammer Blow

“Every bomb that is dropped, every bullet that is fired, has to be made somewhere. And wherever that is, it can be resisted.”

Smash EDO

For anyone involved in anti-militarist campaigning, the Seeds of Hope action has almost mythical status. Not only as an extremely radical and inspiring action; but as an example of how a jury's verdict can be decided on moral grounds on the basis of trying to prevent a greater crime. I have been running direct action trainings for a few years and I don't think there's a single one where Seeds of Hope didn't get mentioned, and its reach extends far beyond the anti-militarist movement.

Mercenaries unleashed: private military and security companies

The rise in mercenaries fighting on the front line in conflict zones in Africa and the Middle East is a frightening return of the ‘Dogs of War’, according to a new report published by War on Want.

Speaking tour: Israeli conscientious objector speaking in Britain

Israeli conscientious objector Taya Govreen-Segal, currently interning in the WRI office in London, is speaking at various events over the coming weeks around Britain.

Events include: 30th January - Palestine day in Portsmouth, 1st February - Glasgow; 2nd February - Edinburgh; 5th February - Godalming; 13th February -  %20">Britain and Palestine Conference, Sailsbury (talk on the Israeli arms trade).

See more info here.

Christopher Coverdale

Detention centre:
Start of detention:
  • 7 Oct 2015
End of detention:
  • 18 Nov 2015
  • United Kingdom
  • Jailed for refusal to pay council tax for U.K. government use in illegal foreign warfare.

Christopher Coverdale

  • United Kingdom
Activist type:
  • Tax resister

Peace camps! Peace News (UK) and AA.MOC summer gathering (state of Spain)

WRI's affiliate in the state of Spain - Alternativa Antimilitarista.MOC - are holding their summer gathering from 29th July to 2nd August, in Barcelona. The camp will include debates and workshops – more information is available here: http://www.sinkuartel.org/es/noticias/antimilitarismo/800-alternativa-antimilitarista-moc-encuentro-de-verano-2015.html At the same time, Peace News are holding their own summer camp in the UK. The 'low impact, high participation' camp is being held at the Crabapple Community near Shrewsbury, from 30 July to 3rd August: More information is available here: http://peacenewscamp.info/

Block the Factory

Ben Whitaker

On July 6 the sun rose to the news that three arms factories had been occupied, and a fourth blockaded. All four factories are wholly owned subsidiaries of Israel’s largest arms company, Elbit Systems.

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