Combat-exercise ongoing in Norrbotten although civilians inside the testrange

Early this morning, peace-activists from the anti militaristic network Ofog in Sweden walked into the military testrange NEAT to prevent ongoing combat-exercise in the very north of Sweden.
Ofog has informed the Swedish Armed Forces that the activists are inside of the area. Despite this, the combat-exercise proceeds.

New Pan-African nonviolence network formed

by Matt Meyer

Between July 26 and 30, in Johannesburg, South Africa, peacemakers from 12 countries throughout Africa met to share experiences and birthed a new, continent-wide African Nonviolence and Peacebuilding Network (ANPN). As part of a War Resisters International (WRI) initiated African Nonviolence Trainer’s Exchange, the gathering was hosted by South Africa’s Ceasefire Campaign, an historic anti-war organization which grew out of the mass, anti-apartheid-oriented End Conscription Campaign. The delegates from more than a dozen organizations heard from Sherif Joseph Rizk, a participant in the 2011 Tahrir Square protests, and pledged to intensify coordinated nonviolent resistance from the south to the north of Africa.

Venezuela: Interview with WRI Council Member Rafael Uzcátegui

Rafael Uzcategui is a member of the group that publishes the anarchist newspaper El Libertario in Caracas (Venezuela). As antimilitarist, he is also a member of the War Resisters' International and works in a Venezuelan human rights NGO called Provea. He is author of the books “Heart of Ink” and “Venezuela: Revolution as Spectacle” in which he reports the so-called Bolivarian process of Chavez and the true face of his "revolutionary" government. Taking advantage of his conference tour in Germany, we interviewed Rafael for the magazine Gai Dao.

Dunwich Dynamo Peace Riders - yes, we made it!

If you were wondering if the Peace Riders managed to finish the Dunwich Dynamo ride, well, yes! It was a great ride and all six of us completed it. It took us a bit less than 10 hours. It was amazing to see so many cyclists joining this crazy ride. A big thank you to the organisers who designed a very good route mostly through quiet countryside roads. After the ride, some in the team even went for a swim in the sea in the very early morning hours. As Peace Riders we are already considering what should be our next adventure - for now it would be getting a bit of rest.


El Movimiento de Objeción de Conciencia Paraguay, ante los hechos de público conocimiento que llevó a parlamentarios en conjunción con otros poderes económicos, políticos y fácticos a la realización de un Golpe de Estado parlamentario manifiesta cuanto sigue:

Que, la lucha y resistencia contra la opresión y en especial contra las dictaduras, ha tenido en nuestro país un alto costo de vidas a ciudadanos y ciudadanas, en su mayoría en manos de las fuerzas del orden que defienden esos regímenes autoritarios de legal pero ilegitima constitución.

Support the WRI Peace Riders!

Dear friends,

The former WRI team Triathletes for Peace has now reformed as the WRI Peace Riders. The Peace Riders team is formed by Jenny Amery, Andy Neidhardt, Matt Neidhardt, Stephen J Gillam and Javier Gárate. The first challenge of the Peace Riders is to complete the 2012 Dunwich Dynamo bike ride, which is a ride of 120 miles (193 km) from east London to Dunwich on the Suffolk coast in the UK. And if you thought that riding 120 miles was not hard enough, the ride is during the night- hence the name dynamo - and will be taking place on 30 June (2012). So while you are most likely sleeping, the Peace Riders will be pedalling hard for peace and to support the work of War Resisters' International.

Liberation and the looting of African land

By Matt Meyer

Despite decades of anti-colonial civilian resistance in Africa, a pernicious movement of land acquisition is overtaking the continent at a rate unprecedented since the conquests of the 19th Century. In a low-profile manner, significantly more than 125 million acres of land—more than double the size of Britain—has been sold to wealthy investors or foreign governments since 2010. With China and India leading the list of national purchasers, and Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan amongst the leading multinational corporate plunderers, the countries most affected by recent sales include the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, and Ethiopia. Oxfam International has reported that, in some cases, land has been sold for less than forty cents an acre.


Land-grabbing and militarism is the theme of this Broken Rifle, a theme that it is as timely as ever. As I write, activists in South Korea are using their bodies to blockade the construction of a military base in Jeju Island - as reported in Angie Zelter's article.

Land for the people!

Nonviolent Movements Against Land Grab and Militarism

By Howard Clark

From the men of property the order came:
They sent the hired men and troopers to wipe out the Diggers' claim.
"Tear down their cottages. Destroy their corn!"
They were dispersed but still the vision carries on.

- Lines from Leon Rosselson's song celebrating the Diggers and their struggle for land in 17th century England

Nonviolent Resistance to US War Plans in Gangjeong, Jeju

By Angie Zelter

For five years, the Gangjeong villagers on the Island of Jeju, Republic of Korea (ROK/South Korea), have nonviolently and bravely resisted the construction of a naval base on their land. The proposed ROK naval base would cover 50 hectares of prime agricultural land and would be available for unlimited use by the United States (US) navy and military and would be used to host aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines and AEGIS warships that are part of the US anti-ballistic missile defence (MD) system. It is also likely that the base would be used in the conflict with China that the US is planning and openly preparing for. The US Space Command have been computer war-gaming a first-strike attack on China (set in the year 2016) and the MD (really missile offence) is a key part of US first-strike strategy. MD systems have also proven to be capable anti-satellite weapons and they are driving a new arms race with Russia and China.

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