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War starts here!

WRI/ofog Seminar and WRI Council meeting in Luleå, Sweden

This year's WRI Council meeting will take place from 19-21 July 2011 in Luleå, in the very north of Sweden. The Council meeting itself is part of a seminar and action camp under the title "War Starts Here", organised by WRI's new Swedish affiliate ofog. The camp and seminar will begin on 22 July, and last until 29 July.

War starts here - Newsletter No 2

This is a newsletter for the international peacecamp “War starts here” in Luleå, Sweden the 22nd to 29th of july 2011.


1. Military tank painted pink
2. Show your support
3. Join the resistance
4. Register to aid preparations and planning
5. The mobilisation continues

The United States: a growing aggression against Latin America

There is a new political equilibrium in Latin America that is annoying and worrying the White House. There is even mention of a new “axis of evil”, made up of Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia. To attack the governments of these countries, The United States is resorting to political, ethnic and religious propaganda, as well as economic pressure, through veiled announcements in the media, which appear to be news items, reports, articles and even opinion columns and editorials.

War starts here - let's stop it here!

Luleå, Sweden, July 22-29, 2011
International seminar: July 23rd - 24th
Day of Action: July 26th
WRI Council Meeting: July 19-21, 2011

Foreign Military Support and the invasion process of the United States in Colombia

Most Brigades of the Colombian Army receive military aid from the USA.

In addition units of Military Intelligence in Medellín, Bogota and Villavicencio received US funding. Various military radars are operated by US personnel, in addition to those operated by the Colombian Armed Forces. Seven military bases are operated in cooperation. This military cooperation should be seen in the context of US Direct Foreign Investment for “economic development” - in short, maintaining the status quo for the elites.

War starts here: 15 antimilitarist activists make their way into the NATO military base of Valencia and turn it into a playground

This action is part of the protests against the Lisbon NATO summit in November
Saturday, Oct. 30th 2010


Message of support for Conference against Diego Garcia military base

War Resisters' International sends greetings of solidarity to the conference Action to Close the Diego Garcia Military Base, to end the Illegal Occupation of the Chagos Islands, and for the right to Return & Full Reparations for Chagossians. As we oppose all war, and also the preparations for war, we clearly oppose military bases. Diego Garcia itself is the supreme example of a military alliance sweeping aside all considerations of international law and natural justice in the spurious name of "strategic necessity".

A European Antimilitarist Network

Nonviolent direct action against militarism all over Europe

The European Antimilitarist Network is not a fixed entity, but a flexible network of antimilitarist groups, based on the principle of nonviolent direct action. It inclu­des, but is not limited to, groups formally affiliated to War Resi­sters' International. As a net­work, it aims to keep an infor­mation flow going between ac­tions, and also to take decisions jointly on the focus for the coming months/year(s).

WRI Council 2011 in Luleå, Sweden

Mark the dates: the WRI Council meeting 2011 will take place during the time of the action camp at the camp itself in Luleå in the north of Sweden. At present, the dates penciled in for the Council are 19-21 July 2011, followed by a seminar organised by/with ofog, and then training and action...

More information on the WRI Council meeting, and also on the seminar, will be available closer to the time. But please keep the dates free...

Please contact the WRI office for more information:
War Resisters' International
5 Caledonian Road
London N1 9DX, Britain

War starts here – about Northern Sweden as a training ground for war

The vast unpopulated areas in Northern Sweden are increasingly used for war preparation and trainings. North European Aerospace Testrange (NEAT) is Europe’s largest overland test range and consists of an area 360 by 100 km of restricted air space and 1,650 sq km of restricted land area (expandable to 3,000sq km). It is a cooperation of the Swedish organisations FMV (the Swedish Defence Material Administration) and SSC (the Swedish Space Corporation).

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