Actions against DSEi arms fair - perception of failure?

In September every other year London's antimilitarist scene is dominated by DSEi - the Defence Defence Systems & Equipment International, the largest arms fair in Europe. One problem in organising such regular events is that it is virtually impossible to keep the numbers growing every time, and this year numbers were again down.

My money clear conscience

Arms manufacturers, dictatorships, companies that damage human rights or cause serious environmental damage… These are all activities that banks finance with our money.

AXA disinvests (partly) from landmines and cluster munitions

In a press release AXA announes to pull out investments of companies that produce anti-personnel mines and cluster munitions. This is surprising good news from the Paris headquarters of this bank-insurance company. For last years AXA has shown heavy reluctance to adopt stricter weapon investment policies.

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With this issue we celebrate the first year of the War Profiteers' News - an effort by War Resisters' International to provide resources for and about campaigns against war profiteering. We hope you find it a valuable resource.

One of the main sections of the newsletter is the “War Profiteer of the Month”. In this past year we have profiled:

  • a company providing services to the military - Sodexho;

Profile of AXA in War Profiteers' News No.6 (April 2007)

Statement by AXA

This statement is available as a PDF file by following this link: VA AIHI 050307.pdf

Response to the AXA statement

This communication by AXA on investments in producers of antipersonnel landmines and cluster bombs offers no concrete news on the point of view of AXA. The facts behind and within this communication are still shocking :


With this issue we continue with our section on resources for developing your campaigns against war profiteers. In our last issue we presented a list of useful links for doing your research on the companies you want to campaign against. Now we move into developing your campaign. First looking at how to describe and analyse what you are campaigning against and for. And what is the change that you want to bring. The article in this newsletter is a shorter version of an article that will be included in the Handbook for Nonviolent Action that the WRI's Nonviolence Programme is working on.

In France Amnesty International and Handicap International break up with AXA

Amnesty International France and Handicap International France decided to break off all their insurance contracts with the French group AXA. This rift has been caused by AXA’s ongoing investments in producers of cluster munition and anti-personnel mines. These investments are strongly opposed to the struggle of the two organisations against these civilian-killing weapon systems. The decision was made public on the 1st of March, on the 8th anniversary of the activation of the Ottawa Treaty against anti-personnel mines.

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War Profiteer of the Month: AXA

AXA Financial Protection is a French financial group, that offers to their customers - individuals as well as small, mid-size and large businesses – a wide range of product and services that include insurance, protection, savings, retirement and financial planning.

They provide a variety of services:

AXA Assistance:

An international network of assistance and services for Corporate and individual clients.

AXA Assistance is present in more than 30 countries, on

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