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Cambodian Women for Peace

by Liz Bernstein

There is a movement growing in Cambodia, a people’s movement, led by women. It is a movement of peace and of people excited by the new possibilities dawning in their country. The possibility of laying down weapons after more than 20 years of war, where a new constitution may finally provide them with basic human rights. The movement began as a coalition of monks, nuns, women’s groups, student associations, development and human rights groups who were determined to seize the current unique opportunities in creating a new peace.

Arkadia - A Lesbian and Gay Lobby in Belgrade

by Lepa Mladjenovic

In November 1990 some of us and our friends (and friends of our friends) met for the first time in one of the local cafes. After that we met off and on, mostly in private flats. The number of activists varied.

Women In Black - Women Against War

Stasa Zajovic of the women’s anti-war group in Belgrade, Women in Black—Women Against War, was invited by other anti-war groups to the State of Spain this April. Stasa spoke in Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza and many other cities. Her talks were well attended (over 150 people at each public talk) and the tour received good press coverage. Most of all, solidarity between peace groups in the various countries was strengthened. The following is a compilation of several reports about her visit.

Announcement from the Australian Organisers

[Editor’s note: the dedicated women of CONNECT did an excellent job in identifying and raising funds for participants to last year’s WRI women’s conference. Much of the Conference’s success was due to their hard work.)

This is a short note to tell everyone that CONNECT has formally debriefed and disbanded—it no longer exists.

on reading about the proposed stamp commemorating female veterans (yes, I'm one)

they’re going to give us our own postage stamp,
hot damn!
when i was in the air force
the men called us cunts and whores and said
that WAF==*== stands for women-all-fuck.
and my mama asked if it was true we were all lesbos
under our uniforms like my master-
sergeant uncle told her.
i said some of us are.
we stood proud around our flag at burials.
besides being whores and cents and lesbians
we were good soldiers.
we held our m-16s.
we shined our shoes.

An Open Letter

To: Di McDonald, The Women and Nonviolence Project, Network Information Project, 30 Westwood Road, Southampton SO2 1DN, UK

Dear Sisters,

I read about the women and nonviolence project in the WRI Women’s Newsletter. I am a nonviolent activist living at Commonground Community near Seymour, north of Melbourne, Australia.

We did it!

After almost five years of hard work, the 4th War Resisters’ International Women’s Conference was held in late November in Thailand. The most ambitious conference yet, and the first one held outside Europe, the conference drew 170 women from 63 nations together. Judging by the participants’ evaluations, it was a success. Another measure of success was the fact that the core organizers were energized enough to want to work on the 5th women’s conference!

Women Organize To Stop War Rapes

“He hit me on the mouth. I fainted. When I came to, I was raped again. While I was still conscious I was raped by eight of them, and I don’t know what happened afterward…One of them lay on me, pressing the barrel of his automatic weapon against my temple, looking Into my eyes for a long time. Another man was running the blade of a knife over my breasts…”
—Azra, age 15

Congratulations to WRI Women




Rape and Sexual Abuse by Armed Forces, a report on the systematic use of rape as a weapon of war In ex-Yugoslavia, was released by Amnesty International on January 21. The report documents organized centers specifically set up for the rape of women by soldiers. The report does not conclude that rape was deliberately chosen as a weapon of war by top military leaders, but does state that local officers were aware of and condoned mass rapes. Amnesty International, International Secretariat, 1 Easton Street, London WC1, UK.

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