Women's WG

Women's Draft Resistance in Israel

by Shani Werner, Rela Mazali
English: Tal Haran


You can't keep a good woman down....nor the WRI Women's Working Group newsletter. After a long absence, we're back. You can make sure we stay back by completing the enclosed questionnaire.

Please help us by sharing your ideas of how to make the newsletter-and communication between pacifist women from around the world-more useful.

This issue has good news about progress on a written history to celebrate the WRI Women's Working Group (WWG) 25 year history, and news from last year's WWG meeting in Germany.

Women's Meeting at the WRI Council in Steinkimmen, Germany

The WRI Women's Working Group met on 7 August and again on 12 August last year during the WRI Council in Germany. The women came from Croatia, Ireland, France, Germany), India, the UK and US. The meeting began with older members pairing with newer members for introductions, and sharing some of the WWG's history. An update of developments since WRI's last triennial (in 1998 in Porec, Croatia) was given.

WRI Women's Working Group 25 Year History Project

For the last 25 years women within War Resisters International (WRI) have been making women's perspectives of war and violence visible within the mixed peace movement. To celebrate this work the WRI Women's Working Group (WWG) is producing a written document of our 25 year history.

Women in the Military

The WRI Women's Working Group has had a long standing interest in women's militarization, including the role of women in militaries. This last issue can be a problematic one for feminist pacifists. Pacifists have no interest in encouraging women to join the military; rather, they support anti-militarist work that keep both women and men out of the armed forces. Conservative forces that support a restricted and traditional view of women's place also strongly oppose women in the military.

IFOR Women Peacemakers Program

by Shelley Anderson

Readers Survey for WRI Women's Newsletter

Please return by May 15, 2000 to: WRI, Women's Working Group, 5 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX, UK. Tel. + 44 171 278 4040; fax +44 20 7278 0444; email: infoatwri-irg.org.

Masculinity as a cause of war: Victimization of women as a result of war

After 20 years of women-political work within WRI gender issue is still not an integrated part of WRI's political program in spite of being accepted as a theme on its own. Why? In the beginning it was necessary to keep women's issues as separate, only to get it on the agenda.


Lost in Space


The International Federation for Research in Women’s History/ Federation Internationale pour le Recherche en Histoire des Femmes, in conjunction with the International Committee of Historical Sciences, invites proposals for its conference in Oslo, Norway, August/September 2000 on the theme: Conflict and Cooperation in Sites of Cultural Co-existence: Perspectives from Women’s History.

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