Monday and Tuesday in Kosovo - 29 and 30 March 1999

I reached Pristina before nightfall. I could not get to the HLC office. The building is opposite the Police Department and prison and the front entrance was locked. Someone inside said, "We don't know you and we won't open the door." By his accent, I knew the man was Serb and he must have known by mine that I was Serb too. I knew that the residents were Serb and Albanian and I saw their determination to allow no strangers into the building as the good side of Pristina. I went round the back and saw guards at the entrance of the neighboring building.

Cartas de Kosovo y Serbia

distribuidas por Mujeres de Negro (Madrid) y MOC-Valencia

De nuevo las bombas

Carta de una activista de los derechos humanos en Kosovo a Mujeres de Negro de Belgrado.

Letter from a woman peace activist in Serbia

War Resisters' International is in contact with women peace activists in the former Yugoslavia, who are feminist, pacifist and anti-nationalist in ideology. They have been campaigning against war and ethnic cleansing throughout the decade, at great personal risk and sacrifice. We preserve their anonymity.

March 28, 1999

Declaración de la Internacional de Resistentes a la Guerra (IRG/WRI) sobre la OTAN y Kosovo

WRI, 26 de marzo, 1999

La Internacional de Resistentes a la Guerra (WRI), una red internacional de más de setenta grupos pacifistas distribuidos por más de treinta países (entre los que se encuentran la República Federal de Yugoslavia y Croacia), condena los bombardeos de la OTAN y la hipocresía de los gobiernos que constituyen esta institución, puesto que ellos han contribuido a aumentar la presión para que estallara la guerra.

Las razones originales para amenazar con una actuación militar eran obligar

One night erased the results of ten years

The massive air strikes against Yugoslavia do not only destroy army installations. They also take human lives and ruin the economic infrastructure of our impoverished country. In the long run, however, the biggest collateral damage will be the shattered possibilities for democracy in Serbia. We fear that the only durable result of the undeclared war will be a permanent state of emergency, legal and spiritual, this time with the support of the bewildered majority, which has always sided with the government in times of extreme adversity and danger.

Statement on the war in Kosovo/a

War Resisters' International, an international pacifist network with affiliates in over 30 countries, discussed the war and humanitarian crisis in Kosovo/a at its Triennial conference in Porec, Croatia, 20-26 September 1998.

WRI's involvement in Kosov@

WRI has been working on the question of Kosovo (or Kosova as Albanians prefer to say) since its loss of autonomy in 1989-90. In 1990 we discussed forming an international contingent to join in some of the events being organised by the new nonviolent movement among the Albanian population there, and in 1992 we planned to hold a seminar in Kosovo with the Council for the Defence of Human Rights and Freedoms in Prishtina on "nonviolent action for human rights". Unfortunately this was aborted as the Council felt it would be too dangerous to proceed.

Apelo urgente

(adaptado por un texto de MOC-Valencia)

ATENCIÓN: Acción urgente en apoyo de mujeres de negro y otras organizaciones pacifistas en Serbia, amenazadas por el gobierno.

Amigos, amigas: en los últimos días han llegado por diferentes cauces documentos y llamadas a la acción urgente en apoyo de Mujeres de Negro y otras organizaciones en Serbia.

Statement on war in Kosovo/a:

The War Resisters' International, an international pacifist network with affiliates in over 30 countries, discussed the war and humanitarian crisis in Kosovo/a at its Triennial conference in Porec, Croatia, 20-26 September 1998

  1. The conference criticised the handling of the situation by intergovernmental bodies and by individual states:
    1. their failure to provide space for negotiations during the prolonged period when the Albanians of Kosovo/a pursued a disciplined policy of nonviolent action
    2. their treatment of Milosevic as a guarantor of peace in the region rathe

Was in Kosova - The Logic of Patriarchy

by autonomous Women’s Groups in Belgrade, Serbia

Women’s autonomous groups in Belgrade are communicating publicly in order to condemn the Serbian regime’s violence in Kosova. The war in Kosova has begun. The violence of the Serbian regime is the continuation of the apartheid policy which the regime has applied for the past ten years. And the present situation shows that territory is sacred, not human life.

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