WRI statement on Kosov@ and NATO

The War Resisters' International, an international network of more than 70 pacifist groups in more than 30 countries, including the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Croatia, condemns the NATO bombing and the hypocrisy of NATO governments in mounting this war.

The original rationale for threatening military action was to make Milosevic sign a peace agreement. This fatally misreads Milosevic and the mood of the Serbian people after years of nationalist propaganda. Far from undermining Milosevic, this allows him to tap into the Serbian and Yugoslav traditions of heroic military defence.

Communiqué on the Kosov@ war

The Executive Committee of the War Resisters' International meeting in London, 22-24 May 1999 discussed the war in Kosovo@ and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Those of us from NATO countries discussed the situation in our own countries - for instance of the problems of anti-war groups in dealing with peace organisations who support the NATO bombings, or of so-called anti-war groups who repeat Serbian propaganda and refuse to condemn the Serbian ethnic cleansing. Our view is that the primary author of this situation is Slobodan Milosevic.

Against the logic of war

Letter to the International Helsinki Federation of Human Rights

Dear Friends and Esteemed Colleagues,

This letter is an answer to a "request" made by our associates and friends of long standing, with whom we cooperated for a number of years on the long-term and far-reaching programme of building a civic society in the FR of Yugoslavia.

Declaration of NGOs and political organizations of Yugoslavia

The Congress of the Center for the Dissemination of Information and Democracy (CeRID) and "Serbia Together" in joint session held on May 19 1999 in Nis, presents the following DECLARATION

Letter to Albanian Friends from Nongovernment Organizations

Dear friends,

We are writing to you in these difficult moments of our shared suffering. Convoys of Albanians and other citizens of Kosovo, among whom many of you, were forced to leave their homes. The killings and expulsions, homes destroyed and burnt, bridges, roads and industrial buildings demolished - paint a somber and painful picture of Kosovo, Serbia and Montenegro, as in indicating that life together is no longer possible. We, however, believe that it is necessary and possible.

An Appeal to Governments Members of NATO

Ever since 1991 Women in Black against War from Belgrade have been actively working for peace and non violence. The policy which characterizes Women in Black against War begins with confronting with every form of violence, war, militarism, nationalism. Since 1991 the biggest casualty on the territory of Former Yugoslavia has been the civilian population. It is happening again now.

Values which we are supporting are life, solidarity, respecting of differences.

Nonviolent solutions in Kosov@

There are moments when the military manage to put a nonviolent solution beyond immediate reach. The cycle of provocation-reaction between the Kosova Liberation Army and various Serbian forces has combined with the bullying of NATO to make this one of those times.

Belgrade 17-NGO Appeal

Deeply shocked by NATO strikes devastation of our country and the plight of Kosovo Albanians, we, the representatives of non-governmental organizations and the Nezavisnost Trade Union Confederation, energetically demand from those who have created this tragedy to immediately take all necessary steps to create conditions for the resumption of peace process.

Kosovo: Preparing for after the war

Report for the Kosovo Working Group of the Committee for Conflict Transformation Support
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