Dusan Masic, for Radio B2-92, interviews Natasa Kandic, manager of the Humanitarian Law Fund

B2-92: Today we're going to talk about things nobody has talked about yet, but which must be discussed if we want to move forward. To begin with I'll read you a story. This is an account by Natasa Kandic of events that took place in the Kosovo village of Cuska:

Plenum zum Kosov@-Krieg

Dorie Wilsnack, WRI (Moderation)
Bojan Aleksov, Women in Black, Budapest
Zorica Trifunovic, Women in Black, Belgrad
Howard Clark, WRI/Balkan Peace Team, Madrid

Steinkimmen, 09. August 1999
20.00 bis 22.00 Uhr

Plenum: Die neue NATO

Howard Clark, War Resisters' International (Moderation)
Toma Šik, Alba Kör (Ungarn)
Ellen Elster, Folkereising Mot Krig (Norwegen)
Christine Schweitzer, Bund für soziale Verteidigung (Deutschland)

Steinkimmen, 08. August 1999

Safe House Budapest

The idea for the project was born in May this year among Yugoslav deserters and draft evaders who found refuge in Hungary. Since the escalation of war in Kosovo and the consequent NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, thousands of people fled to surrounding countries, Hungary being the most frequent destination for people from Serbia, especially the draft evaders and deserters.

June 1999 Report from the Balkan Peace Team

The Work of BPT-FRY Following the Outbreak of War in Kosovo


In late March, when NATO planes began to bomb Serbian targets, and Yugoslav soldiers began forcing masses of Kosovo Albanians to flee their homes, a number of people asked whether the Balkan Peace Team project in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (BPT-FRY) would end its operations.


Peace in Kosov@?

On 9 June, NATO General Sir Michael Jackson and representatives of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the Republic of Serbia signed the Military Technical Agreement that put an end to the 78-days bombing campaign of the country. The day after, Security Council Resolution 1244 gave UN backing to the agreement. Media around the world have presented these documents as cornerstones of a "peace" process.

WRI members

Special section on action over Kosov@

Letter to Albanian Friends from Nongovernment Organisations

Dear friends,


To get information about the Kosov@ conflict, apart from the website of WRI, you can check the following:

Women in Black: Documents in English and Spanish from womens point of view.


Institution for War and Peace Reporting: Regular reports on the situation in Yugoslavia, many of them from people on the ground.


The Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research: Excelent reports from the ground, from a pacifist point of view.


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