Margaretta D’Arcy

Detention centre:
Start of detention:
  • 13 Jan 2014
End of detention:
  • 11 Mar 2014
  • Ireland
  • Given a three month suspended sentence provided she signed a bond not to trespass on parts of Shannon Airport not open to the public. She refused so was imprisoned for three months. Charge: for illegal incursion on a runway, at a protest at Shannon Airport on October 7th, 2012 with the alway Alliance Against War group to protest against the airport’s use by the US military.

Limerick Prison

Detention centre address: 

Limerick Prison,
Mulgrave Street,


Margaretta D’Arcy

  • Margaretta D’Arcy. Photo: Eamon WardMargaretta D’Arcy. Photo: Eamon Ward

  • Ireland
Activist type:
  • Nonviolent activist

Derry Raytheon 14 trial - acquittals again

Despite two men being found guilty of minor miscellaneous charges, there was another great victory for Derry Raytheon protesters and for opposition to the arms trade when all nine women charged were acquitted by a jury at Belfast Crown Court on 4th June after a trial spread out over 3 weeks.

Conscientious objection: Legal practices and frameworks among EU member states

In this presentation I will give an overview of the right to conscientious objection, its legal practices and frameworks in the 27 European Union member states. Before I do so, I want to step back a bit and have a brief look at the existing international standards about the right to conscientious objection, as these standards allow us to put the practices in the EU member states into a perspective.



  • Ireland did never introduce conscription.


from Ireland's 'organizer and host', Rob Fairmichael

The Peace Process -- Irish Stories and Stages

Facilitation: Rob Fairmichael, INNATE

Nonviolent action in conflict (non-war) situations

Several speakers were unhappy with the use of the term "non-war" in the title of this session. While situations in Israel, Yugoslavia (pre-'99) and Northern Ireland were neither full-scale war nor peace, speakers felt that the term "non-war" obscured the long-term, low-intensity nature of these conflicts

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