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International Events

Gathering Visions, Gathering Strength -- 4-6 April, Leeds, Britain

A weekend gathering to explore nonviolent action in Britain across movements and across generations will be held at Leeds University. Workshops will cover the past, present and future of nonviolent action, discusion topics including: developing nonviolent practice, relations with to the police and the legal system, building and sustaining movements. Participants will come from a variety of movements, including peace, animal rights, environmental and human rights campaigns.

75th Anniversary Events by Affiliates

Speaking tour with Saswati Roy, from SWADHINA (India) - June-July

The WRI FöGA working group, which had already sponsored Saswati's participation in the 1994 Triennial in Brazil, is now planning a speaking tour for Saswati in Germany from mid-June to mid-July. These dates were chosen to allow her to take part in the next WRI Coundl meeting, in Liege. Saswati has already been invited by several groups to speak on the position of women in India and grassroots relationships between development, environment and women's issues.

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