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Invitation to seminar in Wahat al-Salam/Neveh Shalom and the Critical tour

For Participants in the WRI/New Profile Seminar om “Gender and Militarism”, Wahat al-Salam/Neveh Shalom 23-26 August 2007


Uri Davis, Sakhnin & Ramle, e-mail address: uridavis@actcom.co.il

Dear Friends,

At the outset, allow me salute you at the achievement of the above Seminar in Wahat al-Salam/Neveh Shalom.

As most or all of you might be aware, you arrive in a country named Palestine ripped apart by a conflict between a settler colonial apartheid state named the State of Israel and the

Gender and militarism New Profile/WRI seminar, August 2007, Israel


Today it is becoming increasingly clear that consistent feminism cannot do without a thorough analysis of militarism and that consistent antimilitarism cannot do without a deep understanding of gender issues in both theory and practice.

On the one hand, patriarchy and male dominance crucially rely on militarism, on the way militarism and war shape what is considered to be security, what is considered to be part of the public, rather than private, sphere, and on the constant dangers generated by weaponry and war.

Upcoming events: WRI Seminar and Council 2007 in Israel // Shut Down DSEi 11TH SEPTEMBER 2007 // DESO closing party! // Keep Space for Peace week

WRI Seminar and Council 2007 in Israel

The annual WRI seminar and Council meeting will take place in Israel in 2007,from 23-26 August. The theme of the seminar will be on militarism and gender.

The Gender and Militarism Seminar will bring together activists and academics from all over the world to study the mutual connections between militarism and gender. The seminar is organised by War Resisters' International together with the Israeli feminist antimilitarist movement New Profile, and will be followed by the annual meeting of the WRI International Council.

Gender and militarism

New Profile/WRI seminar, August 2007, Israel

Practical Information

Entering Israel would be possible without a visa for citizens of EU countries, North and South America, and some other countries. A visa is required for most of Africa, the former USSR, Turkey and many countries in Eastern Europe (if you're not sure, you can check on the Foreign Affairs Ministry website:
http://www.mfa.gov.il/MFA/Sherut/IsraeliAbroad/Continents, but note that some inaccuracies are possible.

Upcoming Events: Shut down DSEi // WRI Seminar and Council 2007 in Israel

Shut down DSEi



Blockade? Party? March? Infiltrate? Invade? Picket? Clown? Dance? Light candles? Lock on? Vigil?

WRI at the 2007 G8

This year's G8 took place in Heiligendamm, a hotel next to the Baltic Sea in Germany, that was protected by a fence of over 10 kilometers.

Upcoming events: Annual General Meetings // Shut down DSEi // WRI's Gender and Militarism Seminar and Council 2007 in Israel

Annual General Meetings:

4 May:

Serco - Join the actions at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London at 11 AM.

For more information:


9 May:
BAE Systems - Join the action inside or outside at :
The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Broad Sanctuary, London SW1P 3EE, UK
For more information:

14 May:

Otro turismo es posible

Rafael Uzcátegui

Durante los días 20 al 25 de enero pasados tuvo lugar en Nairobi, Kenya, el VII Foro Social Mundial (FSM). Definido como el antagónico al Foro Económico de Davos -cuya reunión sucede casi paralelamente-, el lema que año tras año reitera, y que tuvo lugar por primera vez en Africa, es "Otro mundo es posible". La jornada de Nairobi evidenció que el Foro experimenta una "crisis adolescente", y que la voluntad por la creación de nuevas relaciones sociales ha sido sobrepasada por los vicios de antaño.

Upcoming events: Shut DESO Protest and Petition Hand-in // Barricade the War Machine in Pittsburgh // Demonstration every Wednesday against EDO // WRI Seminar and Council 2007 in Israel

Shut DESO Protest and Petition Hand-in

CAAT, together with the Fellowship of Reconciliation, have collected thousands of Shut DESO petition signatures. They will be handing these petitions to the Treasury on Wednesday 7th March, the day on which DESO holds its annual conference.

7th March - 11 AM outside Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre.

Upcoming events: International Conscientious Objectors' Day // WRI Seminar and Council 2007

15 May - International Conscientious Objectors' Day

International Conscientious Objectors' Day 2007 will focus on the situation of conscientious objection in Colombia. Already in April 2007, several groups of Colombian objectors will tour Western Europe to help to build and strengthen a support network for Colombian objectors. The central activities for International Conscientious Objectors' Day will take place in Medellin, Colombia, around 15 May 2007.

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