Strategic thinking at WRI Council

"The best local peace group in France" was how one of the Parisian participants described COT d'Albi (the Collectif des Objectrices et Objecteurs Tarnais), hosts of this year's annual War Resisters' International Council meeting in Carmaux in the Tarn region.

Background to the statement of principles

WRI Council has now produced a Statement of Principles, a daunting task that the organisation had not managed since the 1950s. As well as introducing some of the main tenets of pacifism and nonviolence, this statement also respects the plurality of views within the organisation, and acknowledges the complexity posed by certain situations.

WRI embarked on this drafting mainly as a means of stimulating discussion rather than with confidence about producing a final text.

WRI statement of principles

War Resisters' International is a worldwide network of independent organisations, groups and individuals who all accept the WRI declaration:

War is a crime against humanity. I am therefore determined not to support any kind of war, and to strive for the removal of all causes of war.

It exists to promote nonviolent action against the causes of war, and to support and connect people around the world who refuse to take part in war or the preparation of war. On this basis, it works for a world without war. WRI membership is open to all those who accept the WRI Declaration.

Strategic Plan


War Resisters' International began a strategic planning process in 1995 in order to become more effective at what we do. By WRI we mean the organization in its own right as well as our Affiliates. The purpose of having such a plan is to be clear about the goals WRI should be working towards, define our priorities and inspire us to carry out the spirit of the WRI declaration above.

The development of a Strategic Plan can best be described as the process of asking four basic questions:

  • What is WRI's purpose?

WRI Council - 21-27 June in France

Get ready for Council! Council starts on the evening of Saturday, 21 June, and finishes on Friday evening, 27 June.

A first mailing containing a draft agenda, practical information and a registration form has already been sent to WRI affiliates and their representatives on the Council. A revised agenda will be circulated early in May. If your organisation is not a WRI affiliate, you are welcome to send an observer to our meeting.

Here is a quick overview of the programme to whet your appetite:

WRI Council Meeting 20-25 July 1996 in Liège, Belgium

Accommodation and Fees

This year's Council will take place in Liege, Belgium, from Saturday 20 July in the evening until Thursday 25 July in the afternoon. Participants will be expected to arrive on Saturday and the Council will start after dinner with an introductory session. The closing session will end around 3pm on Thursday.

From the Executive

Proposal for a study conference on Social Change Strategy

From time to time, WRI is approached by movements engaged in social struggle to discuss questions of strategy development and the use of nonviolence. To increase WRI's capacity to respond to these approaches, the 1995 Council meeting agreed to hold a study conference on Social Change Strategy.

The February meeting of the WRI Exec proposed a working group to develop a structure for a study conference of up to 100 people.

Elected Council Members 1994-1997

  1. Rafa Ajangiz
    c/o KEM-MOC, Iturribide 12-1 D,48006 Bilbao, State of Spain. Tel.: +344 415 3772; fax: +34 4479 0383
  2. Roberta Bacic Herzfeld
    Los Capullos, 0135 Villa Andalucia, Temuco, Chile. Tel: +56 45 251445 (H), +5645 215263 (W).
  3. Albert Beale
    c/o Housmans Peace Resource Project, 5 Caledonian Road, London NI 9DX, Britain
  4. Reinoud Doeschot
    Groene Zoom 12, 2811 VH Reeuwyk, Netherlands
  5. Thomas Hackman
    Sandgatan I B 25, 00180 Helsingfors, Finland
  6. Maggie Helwig
    312a Walworth Road, London SE17 2NA
  7. Marko Hren
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