Report on the International Seminar Conscientious Objection and Peace

Organized by War Resisters' International and Peace Action

20-23 June 2004, Boy Scouts' camp, Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia

The Boy Scouts' camp was the place on which 60 peace activists from all around the world gathered on the seminar on subject Conscientious objection and peace. From 20 – 23 June the seminar was held, and the next two days were days for War Resisters International Council meeting.

Conscientious Objection and Peace

International Seminar in Macedonia, June 2004


War Resisters' International, the international network of pacifist organisations founded in 1921, and its Macedonian affiliate Peace Action are planning an international seminar on conscientious objection and peace in Ohrid, Macedonia in June 2004.

Practical details for Ohrid and Macedonia


The Macedonian Denar (MKD) is the local currency, and comes in denominations of 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000, and 5000 and there are also coins of one, two, and five denar. Though it is stable, the den ar is basically nonconvertible outside Macedonia - make sure to change back your left over denars at departure. At present, 1 Euro buys you some 61 MKD; 1 GBP should therefore buy you roughly 90 MKD. The most useful foreign currency to have in Macedonia is the Euro, which is widely accepted (however, coins are hard to be accepted).

Women's Meeting at the WRI Council in Steinkimmen, Germany

The WRI Women's Working Group met on 7 August and again on 12 August last year during the WRI Council in Germany. The women came from Croatia, Ireland, France, Germany), India, the UK and US. The meeting began with older members pairing with newer members for introductions, and sharing some of the WWG's history. An update of developments since WRI's last triennial (in 1998 in Porec, Croatia) was given.

Plenum: Die neue NATO

Howard Clark, War Resisters' International (Moderation)
Toma Šik, Alba Kör (Ungarn)
Ellen Elster, Folkereising Mot Krig (Norwegen)
Christine Schweitzer, Bund für soziale Verteidigung (Deutschland)

Steinkimmen, 08. August 1999

Howard Clark: Also, heute Abend geht es nicht um einen globalen Überblick bezüglich des Wandels des Militärs, wir werden uns stark konzentrieren auf die stärkste militärische Allianz. d.h.


Dear friends,


Morning plenaries

The morning plenary sessions featured announcements, world news, and short presentations from participants who came upon their nonviolent activism in difficult and threatening circumstances:

Serdar Tekin from the Izmir War Resisters' Association described how he and war resister Osmat Murat Ülke sat around a table one night in the early '90s working out a strategy for resisting militarism in Turkey. "We thought we were the only ones in the country. We are very isolated because of the very militaristic and authoritarian society."


About 40 workshops were held during the five days of the open conference. A full list of workshops and their convenors is available in the WRI archives.

Statement on the war in Kosovo/a

War Resisters' International, an international pacifist network with affiliates in over 30 countries, discussed the war and humanitarian crisis in Kosovo/a at its Triennial conference in Porec, Croatia, 20-26 September 1998.

Business meeting

Elected and appointed positions chosen or confirmed at the 1998 Triennial Conference

Chair: Joanne Sheehan, USA

Treasurer: Andreas Speck, Germany

Vice-chairs: Peter Jones (Australia), Cecilia Moretti (Argentina), Osman Murat Ülke (Turkey)

Internationally elected council members:

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