CO contacts and WRI affiliates in Latin America

This is an - incomplete - list of groups in Latin America working on issues of conscientious objection and related areas.



1 Conscription

conscription does not exist

There is no compulsory military service in Uruguay. [1] [2]

However, a law applicable to civil servants permits their registration in order for them to receive military training. This law was passed during the Second World War but up till now has never been implemented. [6]


The minimum recruitment age is 18 years. [7]

There are three military schools which accept 15-year-old boys and girls and train them for a military career.

Migratory Nurses: The Brain Drain

(Translated from "Uruguay las Produce, Europa las Consume," by Carmen Tornaria in Mujer/Fempress, No. 120, October 1991, reprinted from Connexions, "The Global Factory", No. 44, 1994.)

Just as in the old days, today Europe is once again taking material produced in the Americas for use at home. The materials, this time, are human and the demand stems from a worldwide shortage of trained nurses.

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