Declaration of Tal Matalon

  • Israel

March 31st, 2001.

Tal Matalon

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There's a big math test soon. I'm going over to my tutor's by bus. On my way, I hear the news on the radio. There was a suicide attack in Haifa. In Haifa?! Of all places, in Haifa?? But there are never suicide attacks here. And it was near the mall. Everybody in my school go to that mall. And on the beginning of the holiday... quick, phoning all my friends. Everybody's alright. Relief. It's okay to study math. I arrived at my tutor's. After I finished, my father called me and offered to drive me home. Afternoon. I'm home alone with my little brother. And then Efrat calls. "Remember Adi?

Statement by Israeli women, Jewish and Palestinian:

President Milosevic of Yugoslavia has engaged in ruthless oppression of the ethnic Albanians in Kosovo. This must be halted.

The bombings by NATO forces must also be halted. They are cruel, immoral, and engender even greater violence. War cannot be resolved by waging yet another war.

We, Jewish and Palestinian women, all Israeli, all too familiar with the ways of war, demand an end to the use of violence as a legitimate tool. Those who profit from war are politicians and weapons manufacturers.

Let us not lend our hand to this unconscionable act.

Letter from a conscientious objector in prison in Israel

Lotahn wrote from prison,
"Ideas and morals cannot be locked in a prison. Aspirations for justice cannot be silenced or put behind bars. I was put in jail for fighting for justice, but imprisoning me cannot imprison the universal fight for a world where immoralities are not regarded as painful but necessary realities, where men are not sent off to kill or be killed in wasteful wars forced upon them, a world where greed does not control human existence nor detract us from what is right.



1 Conscription

conscription exists

Conscription exists since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948. The present legal basis of conscription is the 1986 National Defence Service Law.

military service

All Jewish and Druze men and all Jewish women are liable for military service between the ages of 17 and 50. [1]

Military service lasts for three years in the case of men, and two years in the case of women. It lasts longer for officers and certain specialists, such as doctors and nurses.

Israeli Defence Forces in crisis

The Israeli army used to be venerated -a symbol and a source of national unity. Against the background of his personal transformation from would-be war hero to resister, Adam Keller traces its decline.

10 years in solitary

Mordechai Vanunu has spent 10 years, all in solitary confinement, of an 18-year sentence for revealing datails of larael's nuclear weapons programme to theSundeyThnes in 1986.

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