1 Conscription

conscription exists

Conscription is enshrined in art. 64 of the Constitution, according to which: "Defence of the socialist motherland is every Cuban's greatest honour and highest duty." [3]

The legal basis for conscription is the 1973 Law on General Military Service (Servicio Militar Activo y el de Reserva). [4]

Military service is performed in the Cuban armed forces or the National Revolutionary Police Force, which are run by the Ministry of the Interior.

Sex Tourism in Cuba

by Julia O'Connell Davidson

Cuba is currently facing grave problems because of the continuing U.S. blockade and the collapse of Soviet economic support. The country is desperate for foreign exchange, and is looking to the tourist industry as a means to secure it. Cuban tourism has rapidly expanded with 1.7 million visitors in 1993. Though successfully generating foreign exchange, the vast majority of Cubans are suffering enormous hardship.

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