Campaign of the month: Canadian Mining Kills

Four days after the assassination of Berta Cáceres, a human rights and environmental activist from Honduras, activists in Canada entered the world's largest mining convention taking place in Canada, to protest extractivist projects that lead to militarisation, violence and human rights absuses. The group named some of those killed because of their activism against large-scale mining projects before being escorted from the event by police.

War profiteer of the month: Nevsun Resources

The United Nations has released a damning report into the operations of Canadian mining company Nevsun Resources in Eritrea, which accuses the company of using conscripted labour at it's Bisha Mine in the country. Nevsun estimated that the mine held over a billion pounds of copper and 2.7 billion pounds of zinc.

Report from the week of action for military-free education and research

The first ever international week of action for military-free education and research was held between 25-31 October 2014. This follows on from a day of action last year. Antimilitarists across the world took action to raise awareness, and challenge, the role the military has in education and research in educational institutions. This role gives them access to young people - to lay the groundwork for recruitment later in life, and to promote military values.

Demilitarize McGill students disrupt space militarisation eventDemilitarize McGill students disrupt space militarisation eventDifferent groups used the week of action in different ways. Some challenged military presence in schools through direct action, some publicly debated the presence of the military in education, others showed films, wrote articles, and campaigned on social media.

Let Them Stay Week: War Resisters' Support Campaign in Canada protests deportations

The Canadaian War Resisters' Support Campaign held a week of action from January 12 to 19th, asking Canadians across the country to send a message that U.S. war resisters are welcome in Canada, and that the Canadian government must stop the deportations and enact a provision to let them stay.

For 'Let Them Stay Week 2014', activists joined in on social media, by writing to local papers, lobbying the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration and promoting public meetings and debates.

Canada: MP will negotiate on bill to let U.S. deserters stay

The Vancouver Sun
28 September 2010

Amendments may include narrowing the bill to include only Americans

By Juliet O'Neill, Postmedia News September 28, 2010

Liberal MP Gerard Kennedy says he is willing to "narrow" his private member's bill in hopes of securing parliamentary approval to allow 300-400 U.S. Iraq war resisters to stay in Canada.

Quaker-Mennonite request to intervene in Hinzman appeal refused

TORONTO, Feb. 2 /CNW/ - Mennonite Central Committee Canada (MCCC) and Canadian Friends Service Committee (CFSC) (Quakers) express disappointment that the Federal Court of Appeal (FCA) has rejected a request to intervene in an appeal by US war resister Jeremy Hinzman.

Statement regarding the situation of U.S. Iraq War resister Rodney Watson

VANCOUVER—The War Resisters Support Campaign is a network of volunteers working together to provide assistance to members of the U.S. military seeking refuge in Canada as a result of their opposition to the illegal war in Iraq. Groups exist in many centres across the country and include a wide diversity of age and origin including many former U.S. citizens welcomed to our country during the Vietnam era.

U.S. military deserter faces deportation

Janaya Fuller-Evans, Burnaby Now
Published: Wednesday, September 09, 2009

On Sept. 11, Rodney Watson will have to leave behind his fiancée and eight-month-old son to face the possibility of military prison in Fort Worth, Texas.

Watson was scheduled to be deported and told to turn himself in at the Peace Arch border crossing on charges of military desertion.

"I have a son here, and we were planning to get married," Watson said in a phone interview on Aug. 31. "And now there's all this."

Book examines conscientious objectors

Sunday, 09 November 2008

Caroline Zentner

Canada had political confederation in 1867 but politicians in 1917 thought fighting together as a nation in the First World War would bring emotional confederation.
Canada has no revolution in its history to solidify the us-versus-them mentality but Canadian success at Vimy Ridge qualified as a nation-building moment.


Turkey continues to dominate this issue of co-update, after we already opened the last issue with a long report on Turkey. However, the good news from the last issue cannot be repeated. This time we have to report that torture and abuse of a conscientious objector in a Turkish military prison does not necessarily lead to prosecution - or if it does, then to the prosecution of the victim.

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