Gendered Impact of Small Arms & Light Weapons - Book

Over time, women’s rights advocates have named a host of contributing factors to violence against women. Perhaps none of these has been less explored than the proliferation and unregulated use of small arms and light weapons – until now. A new book, Sexed Pistols: The Gendered Impact of Small Arms and Light Weapons, explores how these weapons impact women and men differently.
Because firearm violence contributes more directly to violence against women (VAW) than the arms trade per se, these policy priorities have been ineffective at addressing VAW. Moreover, while women’s rights advocates have been effective at pointing out how increased militarization and money spent on arms has come at the expense of social welfare spending – and thus made women and children more vulnerable to poverty, disease and violence - they have made fewer inroads into influencing public policies related to SALW.
Sexed Pistols, a compilation of research articles, is focused on the gendered impact of SALW in various contexts, including countries in conflict such as the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Israel, and Sierra Leone; countries where the state cannot guarantee protection for its citizens such as Haiti, Papua New Guinea and Timor-Leste and countries recovering from conflict, including Northern Ireland, South Africa and Uganda.

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